Honest Food Labelling is our right

Independent demands honest food labeling including Halal!

“Weather one prefers Halal, or one does not, shouldn’t the consumers decide, the same applies to Aussie made, most Australians would not even know what they are buying or eating”, says Mark Aldridge Independent.

I do not wish to support Halal methods of slaughter, or the Muslim ideologies, especially food prepared and slaughtered in the name of a foreign god, yet most of what I buy probably is, why cant I have the freedom to decide?

There are only a minority of around 1.6% Muslim population in Australia, why do their ideologies have to impact on my freedom of choice, if products were clearly labeled and carried a brief explanation for all consumers, then we the people would again be able to determine what we buy and eat, says Mark

The very same applies to the words Australian Made, 100% only, I want to support local manufactures not dodgy spin on my labeling, I am sure the Muslim population would also embrace such a move, so they were certain they were getting Halal products.

I cannot be mistaken can I, majority still rules in Australia?

After researching what products are Halal certified, the processes involved and the money changing hands, I am ashamed at out legislators, equity seems to have been lost in translation.

Our producers may wish to grab a lucrative overseas market, with their Halal certification but dare they forget the rights of the Australian public?

In Australia we are an advanced culture, we have developed compassionate methods for slaughter, there are even those who do not wish to tolerate any killing, but either way we have laws that protect our processes, so how does religious ideology by pass such laws in the first place?

If we are forced to compromise, how dare we be forced to comply? I have even come across products where the Halal label where it is applied is hidden under the packaging, is that not fraud?

“We pay, we decide what we buy, and honest and truthful labeling is the only fair answer”, screams Mark

Any deceptive packaging is unacceptable in our fine country, I wish to only pay for what I wish to buy, and that for me is Aussie made and not any items that are blessed to a religion not of my choosing.

We are a democracy, does that not extend to our choice of produce?

Lets open up the debate so the people decide, for that is what Australia is all about

Mark M Aldridge

Independent Candidate


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