The Demise of the Aussie way of life

The Demise of the Australian way of life!

In my 12 years in the political arena, there is one thing for certain; our countries future at the hands of the 2 Party system is coming to an end, well the Australia we have all come to love.

All we have as citizens is infrastructure, land, water and our rights and liberties, and those in power are taking them all away one by one, some may disagree, so lets look at the truth, I doubt any would deny the loss of investment and the sale of our vital infrastructure and most will know they are selling of our land, so here is a few truths regarding your children’s loss of rights and the future they deserve.

SOCCA (Serious and Organised Crime Control Act) being sold as “Anti Biker laws” was written to allow the government to decide you destiny/guilt, by way of denying your right to a fair trial and any access to the evidence being used against you, which in most cases would be only here say, they even want to issue jail terms for simple association.

Recent Legislation, allows other people to take your children and trial drugs of dependence and electro shock therapy on them, with out your consent or knowledge.

The Electoral Act, is now 2 party preferred, preferred by the 2 arties that write the laws, not only taking your right to a free and informed vote away from you, but even going as far as ensuring the entire results of a general election still stand even if it can be proven the election was corrupt or dodgy. Lies, deceit, false promise, fake or dodgy how to vote cards and the like are now commonplace in elections.

The common law rights of elections were even challenged recently by the crown solicitors on behalf of the electoral commission; to ensure outcomes were up held regardless of the conduct of the election, in other words, the government solicitors argued we have no voting rights at all.

FSANZ allows fluoride (poison) to be now added to all drinking water including now in bottled water and soft drinks.

NRM (Natural Resources Management Act) demands the metering of dams holding collected rain water, soon I am sure to include rain water tanks, it also allows them to; enter any land, occupy any land, enter any place or vehicle and ask any questions, failure to answer a question for instance attracting a fine between $5000 and $25000. They can enter and demolish any privately owned infrastructure, and the new meters you MUST install are at your expense.

The Summary Offences (Tattooing, Body Piercing and Body Modification) Amendment Bill, has been amended to ensure any tattoos are now reformed under a contract with the artist, where all your personal details must be given, then the police can enter any premises and record and or copy all such details.

While we all suffer a lack of adequate water supplies, the State Government amended the laws, to allow their corporate friends to take any amount of water from any resource they like, at no cost and with out any repercussions, at the same time closing all the website which were clear this was a dangerous move.

Constitution Alteration (Local Government) 1988 referendum proposed to alter the constitution so as to recognise local government. The proposal was put to a referendum in the Australian referendum, 1988 and the people voted NO, yet go look at the many bills from your local council let alone abide by their ever increasing list of rules, fines and regulations and ask Why?

Police can now pull you over and take your details and photograph you, they can use speed cameras that do not meet our national standards act, they can ignore your legal protections, in fact if they bugger up in any way and it is the victim that pays the price, in the same way most government body’s remain immune to accountability.

Those who are in a position to expose the truth, government employees and electoral officers are under contract not to speak up, a signed contract which stops them telling the truth, in fact the government spends a fortune both hiding the truth, and employing many to spin (bullshit)

The HREOA (Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Act) is not enforceable in our courts, just as the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights holds no value to the citizens, in fact we have no enforceable rights in Australia, all we have are our common law rights, which as we can easily see from above, are being attacked, ignored and taken from us!

Australia is one of the only countries in the world that allows our land, infrastructure, farms and water to be sold into foreign ownership, our banking system to dictate monetary policy, and the Untied Nations to dictate internal policy, who exactly voted for that?

The minority religious ideologies now dictates what we eat, how our food is slaughtered, and how we celebrate, big business dictates that we the working class pay all the taxes, while they can avoid paying any at all, big oil ensures renewable energy remains on the back burner, and the well funded do gooders back everything you have just read.

Our only implied rights come by way of the constitution, yet those employed to protect it, ignore it even exists, with our PM herself refusing to honor the laws to validate her election.

We now have hundreds of new taxes, levies, fines, and duties, and that number increases every year, even the life blood of our planet Carbon Dioxide is to be taxed, by those that promised not to, and they are labeled the honorable for such deceit.

In a Democracy it is said the people rule, well aren’t we doing a shitty bloody job, our forefathers must be turning in their graves, and the only ones to blame are we the people, as we let it all happen.

If you stand patriotically beside our flag, you are labeled a racist, if you demand change, you are labeled extreme, if you produce an informed article or argument, the media ensures you are kept silent, and if you do it for as long as I have, you are sued, intimidated and attacked from every angle. (at least I am learning the law lol)

Time we the people reminded the government we rule, and the day the masses decide to do that, lets hope we have some thing left to fight for, and please give me a call, I will stand shoulder to shoulder with any patriot.

I fight so I don’t have to explain to my grandchildren that I stood by and watched, so I can sleep at night, and with the dream that one day we will see true accountability

Mark M Aldridge

Independent Candidate and Patriot.

South Australia


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