Aboriginals deserve seats in Parliament

Independent Candidate says “the indigenous community deserve an independent voice in parliament” lets make room for a new aboriginal parliamentary seat.



It is well past time the aboriginal community received an honest voice in Parliament, I am not talking about some quasi spokesperson from one of the existing political parties, in fact, I am suggesting a new upper house position/seat be made available.

Considering recent revelations regarding indigenous sovereignty, which sheds light on the validity of their sovereign rights over this land we like to call South Australia, should they not at least receive a voice in parliament, in fact we could easily argue more than one.

I do not believe that they should have to pledge allegiance to a foreign power, as it is more then fair to consider they are in fact the sovereign people of this land so the position should be one of an advisor, with the same voting rights and privileges as any other parliamentarian.

The candidate should be chosen by the vote of his/her people, in a similar fashion as that of any representative, through an honest democratic process, what better way to fully understand their people genuine wants and needs.

I am more than willing as an Independent Candidate for the Legislative Council to have a chosen member of our sovereign people sit along side me if I were to be elected, there are many debatable issues surrounding our aboriginal peoples rights, freedoms and associated support services, for which we should seek un biased parliamentary advise, what better way to achieve the truth?

Due to the huge numbers needed to elect a representative into say the upper house, it would not be feasible to expect them to be able to do so through the normal electoral process, so I would enjoy the idea, that by the next state election we could put in place a democratic system for the aboriginal community to elect their very own representation.

Such a move would ensure any future legislation received the input of our sovereign people, something any genuine democracy should enjoy, here is to opening honest and open debate on the ideal.

Mark M Aldridge

Independent Candidate for the Legislative Council

“Change is Necessary”


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