The Alliance Australia pledge


“In the pursuit of Unity”


The Alliance Australia is a unique idea to pursue unity with in the fight for our countries future!



  • Protect and uphold all constitutional and common law rights of all Australian people.
  • Only ever swear allegiance to the people of Australia (excluding those elected in regards to constitutional commandments)
  • Acknowledge that Justice, Democracy and Equality before the law are not negotiable
  • Regardless of political affiliation, every member must promise to stand accountable for his or her actions.
  • Demand electoral reform to abolish statutes, regulations, structures and activities that give benefit or advantages to major parties above other parties and individuals and unlawfully prevent elected representatives voting by conscience or on behalf of their electorate
  • All members must be a sovereign, free man or woman holding allegiance to Australia, the Commonwealth Constitution and the rule of law.
  • Must defend and fight to retain ownership of all land and community assets and infrastructure to Australian people only.
  • Fight for fair and equitable taxation, to be shared amongst all people and businesses that operate in Australia, regardless of country of origin.

To pursue justice for all, with equity & transparency as a primary goal


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