Freedom run supporters Intimidated by South Australian police

The Rann Labor government continues with spin over substance




Having just attended my 3rd South Australian freedom bike run on Saturday the 28th May, held by the United Motorcycle Council, the huge waste of resources again appalled me, with the Rann Labor government, apparently more interested in spin over substance.


Over my many years, I have yet to witness any problems on any motorcycle club runs, the many fund raisers for local hospitals or children’s charities, and the more recent freedom runs, a direct result of bad legislation in the first place.


I attended the first freedom ride, in protest at State legislation that’s sole intent was to remove our most basic rights, the presumption of innocence, the right to a fair trial and freedom of association, it could be considered the increase in attendance at recent runs is part and parcel the result of the intimidation used by the Rann government during the runs themselves.


Every route into Adelaide where the run was to leave was blockaded by large groups of Police, somewhat akin to a terrorist alert, every rider kept for around 30 minutes in the many supposedly random blockades, other than wasting huge resources and the time of innocent protestors, I believe the result of this waste of tax payers money was one a lot of angry protestors, sadly most revealed they were used to it these days.


The media were out in force, and the police presence was huge, let alone the many unmarked cars with plain clothed officers videoing our every move, this is the forth time I have seen such a massive PR campaign by our beloved Rann government, yet when I approached his government to lobby for one million dollars to clear our children with disability’s critical waiting lists, the money could not be found, I can see why.


The United Motorcycle Council did their utmost to keep the run both professional and keep the police up to date with the route of the day, which the police used in their favor, once the various supporters left the city, it was only a matter of minutes before they were lead into the first ambush, with in a short distance of the riders entering the Southern expressway lead by police.


Hundreds of police simply lined the road, every rider had to be again checked, photographed just ensure they hadn’t missed any,  after over an hour or so, we were again led on the ride by the erratic driving of the police escort, at times 60kph under the posted limit, which in itself was very frustrating and dangerous, arriving at the first stop hours late.


After a quick stop for what was now lunch, with in ten minutes of leaving, you guessed it, another massive blockade, by now the weather had turned and it started raining, a blessing in disguise for the many who attended, as it has become apparent the police can not work in the rain, so they simply packed up there dozens of vehicles and left.


I believe the case is, the Rann government are still trying to sell their failed legislative attacks on our rights, by being unable to come up with a better sell than the labeling of all bikers as criminals, as if some how our choice transportation determines our every action!


Mr. Rann under estimates the intelligence of the South Australian people, hundreds of police and millions of wasted taxpayer dollars chasing the boogie man with no results, let alone his own legislation failing in our both our supreme and our High courts for which the Rann Labor government wasted many millions more of our tax dollars, even one of the bike clubs were awarded a handsome settlement, from tax payer money, compliments of Mr. Rann arrogance.


Mr. Rann makes a habit of labeling all bikers criminals, well the only criminal actions found during these protests, were the attack on the people’s rights and the huge diversion of taxpayer’s money on a failing pubic relations campaign.


Every South Australian deserves the right to a fair trial, to be awarded the presumption of innocence, the freedom both associate with who they choose and who they prefer not to, and in every case, our

How many police does it take to check a licence and take your photo, and how many times

hard earned tax dollars to be spent in our best interests.


The Rann Labor government wastes far too much money on their mighty spin machine, as if winning elections is more important than serving the electorate, and don’t we all know that.


Mark M Aldridge

Independent Candidate

Proud Alliance supporter


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