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The ALLIANCE Australia “in the pursuit of unity” In short, “the Alliance is a new political movement for the people by the people” “In the pursuit of Unity” relates to the ideal of uniting the many patriotic groups and political activists, parties and Independents through our common hopes and dreams.

The LOGO is the sign of democracy and unity, the common denominator for us all to use, support and empower.

The people do not have huge resources, a mighty spin machine or media support, yet united we have all the power, there are various steps need to demand change, which every Australian wants to see on one or many issues, either way the first step is unity.

The Alliance believes we do not need huge finances, media support or the usual bullshit associated with all things political, we will not become a party, but we will support democracy and genuinely patriotic candidates, and we will have endorsed candidates in every seat of Australia with your help.

1. We spread the logo, the Alliance ideals and the pledge (campaign)

2. The logo gains momentum and strength

3. We use that strength and momentum to demand democratic electoral reform, so those elected are by way of the free will of an informed electorate.

4. We support any grass roots candidates that promise to honor the pledge in return for their supporting the spread of the logo

5. Any candidate wishing support of the Alliance, Must up hold the pledge, but can remain independent or a member of a political party.

6. The logo is to grow into a sign of the people and Australian values, so is to be promoted to any groups, manufacturers and local businesses that hold the same values of its members.

7. We the people will police the logo’s use and protect its integrity.

8. When needed, we will stand united to demand change and support issues and rallies of national importance!

9. People may speak of the Alliance, but not for it, and any candidates can have their own policies, as long as they do not undermine the pledge.

10. Any group or individual that would like our support has to have supported the Alliance and the promotion of the logo.

11. More than one candidate can run in any seat with our support, and we promise as the people to support and help any successful candidates in any field of endeavor.

12. All candidates endorsed by the Alliance, MUST while compulsory preferencing exists, promise to put the major parties last, and other Alliance candidates first in their order of preference.

13. The Alliance logo may be placed on web sites, profile pictures and any products people choose, it may be added to blogs and articles with the words “Alliance supporter”, vote one posters of endorsed candidates may have use of the logo, as can other election material, produced in line with the pledge.

Letting others know what the Alliance stands for is up to what it means to the supporter, Unity, Democracy, The Peoples voice, Patriotism, Australian values, the defense of our rights and liberties or other important issues like the presumption of innocence, the right to a fair trial and the upholding of our constitution, until we have an easier enforcable bill of rights or smilar.

Democracy, freedom and justice are not negotiable & a New force towards honest politics are acceptable messages, its your Alliance and your logo, so for it to work is up to you, you make up brochures, flyers and logos, you spread the word, and you defend its integrity.

For further info, ideals or how to handle media enquiry, give Mark Aldridge a call anytime on 08 82847482 / 0403379500…or through the website which is nearing completion.

Ideals for honest democracy can be found on the site which is under construction, and open of course to debate from Alliance members “In the pursuit of Unity” The Alliance Australia is a unique idea to pursue unity with in the fight for our countries future!


· Protect and uphold all constitutional and common law rights of all Australian people.

· Only ever swear allegiance to the people of Australia (excluding those elected in regards to constitutional commandments)

· Acknowledge that Justice, Democracy and Equality before the law are not negotiable

· Regardless of political affiliation, every member must promise to stand accountable for his or her actions.

· Demand electoral reform to abolish statutes, regulations, structures and activities that give benefit or advantages to major parties above other parties and individuals and unlawfully prevent elected representatives voting by conscience or on behalf of their electorate

· All members must be a sovereign, free man or woman holding allegiance to Australia, the Commonwealth Constitution and the rule of law.

· Must defend and fight to retain ownership of all land and community assets and infrastructure to Australian people only.

· Fight for fair and equitable taxation, to be shared amongst all people and businesses that operate in Australia, regardless of country of origin.

· To pursue justice for all, with equity & transparency as a primary goal


(Over 20,000 logos have now been printed, and the spread the logo week, starts today, Friday the 24th until the 4th June, so take a photo of your best logo, or the location and get ready to load them to the website, and feel free to put your hand up to be the local representative, South Australia, Victoria, NSW and Queensland already have supporters and other state s and countries are in negotiation.) It is a peoples movement not a political machine as such will not be covered by the media, its success will be dependent on how often we see the logo :)…. T/shirts, iphone covers, screen savers, bags and a host of products have already been made, so to those already on board, keep up the good work.

The logo in colour, or Black and white is acceptable, in fact it is all up to you

The Alliance Australia

Make sure you have a logo on your vehicles, I have 150 x 100mm stickers for 50 cents each, if you pay postage, 500 can be manufactured for $249, A4 photocopie for power polls are as little as 100 for $5.00, T.shirts including postage are around $20, or make your own, more to come


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