Three Twelve Eleven Protest for democracy and a fair go!

“On 3/12/11, the Alliance Australia and the many supporting groups and associations call upon the Australian governors to dissolve parliaments as there has been both a serious misrepresentation of leadership and abuse of our democratic process regarding various conduct issues surrounding all recent Australian Elections.


“It must be those whom cast the vote that count, not those who count the vote”


Misrepresentation of intent, leadership and electoral due process, disenfranchising tens of thousands of Australian voters, in excess of the winning margins of most current governments, on top of false promise and out right deceit.


New elections must be based on honest democratic reform, such demands include;



  1. Review and spot check all electoral rolls with the inclusion of all recently removed electors prior to recent elections (totaling over 77,000 long term voters in SA alone)
  2. The re-instatement of the how to vote guide (previously sent to every home) which is to include all the candidates names and contact details.
  3. The immediate adoption of optional preferential voting as found in some states of Australia, so as to empower voter’s free choice and countrywide equity.
  4. Through either the Electoral office or the major media source in any state, brief details of all candidates details to ensure an informed electorate (equal allotments)
  5. The abolishment of all how to vote cards and donkey voting by use of a rotating ballot paper (candidate allotment).
  6. Polling booths to provide adequate ballot papers and ID checks of all voters
  7. Independent staff to over see electoral conduct and polling booth management under the present protections of the electoral Act
  8. Prior to the future general elections, an independent committee is to address future reforms based on voter preferences.
  9. The issue of improved security of the ballot, by the issue of pens over pencils, and the replacement of spoiled ballot papers. (No rubbers or crossed out ballot papers)
  10. Every candidates name and description to be printed adjacent to their voting squares (No blank boxes on the ballot papers)
  11. Immediate changes to all electoral acts, to allow validity of general elections to be disputed should conduct or counting discrepancies be found.
  12. The enforcement of all electoral promises made by candidates to secure the peoples vote.
  13. The Abolishment of the 2 party counting of ballots, in favor of a system that elected the most preferred


Reasons for the demands are based on ensuring the out come of the new elections are based on the free will of an informed electorate, with increased equity and transparency for all electors and all candidates included in the polling.


In the Case of South Australia which has endured similar issues to most if not all of the country, not only have elections become scarred by the structural biases, resulting from those writing the laws own self interest, they have strayed from our basic common law rights to freedom of choice and the ability to cast an informed ballot.


On the 3/12/11 we will stand firm and united for the dissolution of parliament with strong and timely avenues for new democratic elections to be held, so our demands are complimentary to existing protections, with out total disruption to our political process.


The Alliance Australia

Mark M Aldridge Independent


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