The Alliance Australia questions the Sex Parties motives

AUSTRALIAN SEX PARTY “Sell outs or Grass roots?”


The Australian Alliance an Australia wide lobby group to address honest democracy by empowering the peoples vote and uniting the minor players to bring accountability to our biased 2 party system, has been investigating the Sex Parties true political motives.


The immediate fact the Sex Party have no interest in either unity or opposing the Labor Party raised an eyebrow to say the least, further investigation made it clear where there parties executive support lays, with their preferences falling in the pockets of the Australian Labor party.


In the pursuit of a place in Australian politics, some political aspirants will do anything to secure a seat, and most find the only way in is selling out to the 2 party system, and its own well funded lobby groups like GetUp and the new and up and coming NewsStand, for which the Sex Party already have links on their social networks.


It becomes obvious to the politically savvy, that the Sex party are destined to a roll on the side lines, with out either uniting with the many patriotic groups to form a genuine third option, or cuddling up to one of the major parties, and it seems from our research, they have chosen the Labor party as their bed mates.


The Fact the Sex party, had no interest in dealing with some of the minor players during preferencing made it clear they believed they were above the many patriotic people putting forward their candidacy, with winning a seat above the ideal of ensuring their supporters votes ended up with the most complimentary candidates to their own ideals.


It may be a fact there is room for the Sex Party in Australian politics, but not at the expense of transparency and the best interests of the Australian electorate, the policy directives of the Sex Party are somewhat limited to the rights of minority groups, yet even though the Alliance is all about such freedoms and liberties, we must question that fine line where xxx should remain safely out of reach of children.


Fiona Patten is desperate to become a member of parliament, having run all over the country, lets hope that this does not see her deviate even further from the grass roots support she now receives, and further into the grips of the Labor party, where she will become stifled by party policy, where many good voices have ended up in the past.


Fiona herself has demanded to be excluded from the support of several groups including the Alliance, as such when democracy is no longer a part of the Sex parties agenda, neither should the peoples support.


The Alliance Australia


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6 Responses to “The Alliance Australia questions the Sex Parties motives”

  1. John Kerry Says:

    “Limited to the rights of minorities.” It is true like the alliance the sex party does support the rights of all Australians including minorities. However that is not what our policies are limited to. The Sex Party’s policies against Censorship are for all Australians, the Sex Party’s policies on education are for all Australians, the sex party’s policies on health are for all australians, the sex parties industrial relations policies are for all australians and their drugs policies are for all australians. The Sex Party proudly supports Same-Sex Marriage, I presume this is what Mark means when he says the Sex Party is just about the rights on minorities? Shame Mark, picking the wrong fight.

    • markmaldridge Says:

      When the Alliance had meetings across the country to determine which groups, Independents and parties we supported, I personally stood up for the sex party, having spoken along side Fiona on many occasions, as a result, we lost the support of a few Christian backed groups, my opinion was that the pledge of the Alliance, allowed room for the policy directives of the sex party.

      The Alliance itself is not a political party, but more so a lobby groups to unite the many minor players, and to campaign in such a way as to give the people a genuine third choice, by promoting all the candidates backed by us. The Alliance also looks to empower the people of Australia to cast a free and informed vote, by way of supplying an honest how to vote guide and continueing to lobby for electoral reform.

      The phone call we received from Fiona, and the threatening manner in which we were spoken too, opened our eyes to some truths, so members were asked for their opinion on the issue, our researched found that the Sex Party preferences empowered the Labor party, something we do not support, we were also bewildered as to why you would not want the extra support we were offering, until an ex candidate from your party cleared the air, I will say no more than that.

      We will still work towards our goal of lobbying and releasing info to the electorate to empower the peoples vote, but will not stand and support Sex Party Candidate as a result of our treatment and our findings, I appreciate their is room for your party in Australian politics, and will continue myself as an Independent to back a majority of the very same issues as the sex party, as I always have.

      Fiona is a very passionate and outspoken woman, and I wish her the very best, and believe personally she would be welcomed by a majority of the electorate as a representative, but selling out your grass roots position, has made Alliance support un acceptable

  2. John Kerry Says:

    If you look at Sex Party candidates the majority are activists, I don’t think you can say that the sex party is not grassroots. As for the apparent support for Labor Party Sex Party preferences went to Libertarian Parties such as Liberal Democratic Party, the Australian Democrats etc. Labor were very far down the list below others more likely to get elected through sex party preferences. I find it weird your trying to suggest something from an ‘ex-party member’ but you haven’t told us what this is. All your stance seeks to do is further allianate the alliance

  3. becauseimawhore Says:

    Mark, what does this even mean? This whole post is like smoke and mirrors and relies on some unspoken secrets that you will not share.

    Please can you explain exactly what you are trying to say about the sex party? you like their leader, you like their policies. You do not like their preferences, ok that’s up to you, I didnt like every single one of your preferences either. I am trying very hard to read between your lines but i have no idea what this post is about? am i the only one?

    • markmaldridge Says:

      I am trying to keep this all polite, unlike the conversation with Fiona, the replies so far cover the position of the Alliance and its support groups, personally 10 minutes of 2 sided debate, may have avoided this situation, maybe even just replies to emails, but in the true absence of grass roots, the out come is expected.

      I have stood on the steps of parliament more than once fighting for the same rights as those preferred by the Sex Party, but I have never sold out my values in the pursuit of office, that be the difference here 😦

  4. markmaldridge Says:

    The Sex Parties position of support for both Labor and their front GetUp, does not make them compatible with the pledge of the Alliance, their poor handling of the matter showed their hand, grass roots is about empowering the people, not a parties executive.

    Despite our treatment, we do not wish the matter to go further, all support groups across Australia, have been notified and the decision is supported across the board.

    John you know how the Preferencing works, when a party refuses to connect with all the players, it is disregarding its grass roots, the Alliance has to have ground rules, which we have in the pledge, this situation, has us looking at future reform.

    The Alliance has a primary goal of levelling the playing field away from the biases of the two party system, if The Sex party backs 2 party politics as their present actions appear to confirm, then we cant work together.

    This is a minor blog, if you would prefer this to be argued in the public arena, that can be arranged.


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