Mike Rann leaves an expensive legacy at the last moment

Mike Rann set to cost the state a quid as a parting gesture


Mike Rann has resigned as premier and not of his choosing, because the Labor Party make such decisions, not the people or his own electorate, in fact both Mike and Kevin Foley are said to resign and bi-elections held in early February costing the state a considerable sum to hold these bi-elections.


Making matters intriguing is the fact only very recently there was legislation on the table, that would have curbed the ideal of quitting mid term, the proposed legislation would have either made the party pay the costs of a bi-election or the party would be stopped from running a candidate.


There is no chance either party would want such legislation passed, in particular the state Labor party; hence it faded away with out debate.


Kevin Foley made the move, retiring and allowing the campaigning to start in Port Adelaide, but Mr. Rann has suddenly become very silent on the matter, remembering if he waits another day longer, the costs to the public will skyrocket, if elections are held on different dates


The cost to Democracy of playing games with the exact date is one thing, the other is the poor people of the Ramsay electorate, who have a lame duck sitting back letting their needs fall by the way side, but could there be more self interest on Rann’s behalf that none have considered?


At the moment, a South Australian MP’s basic pay is $138,900; the average ministerial pay is another 75 per cent; 85 per cent for a deputy premier and 100 per cent extra for a premier. A rough estimate of Kevin Foley’s exit pension is 75 per cent of ($138,000 × 1.85), or $191,000. Mike Rann’s pension would be 75 per cent of ($138,000 × 2), or $207,000.


Rann’s self interest may again override that of what is best for Democracy or his electorate: if he leaves now, that’s the figure he would get; but if he waits for June 30 with a potential link to federal MPs then the formula becomes 75 per cent of ($172,000 × 2), or $258,000.


That extra $51,000 is a big difference, year on year, for the rest of his life; half a million over the next 10 years, a huge burden on the tax payers of this state, add to that the extra cost of a bi-election, and the figure is staggering.

If Mike Rann loves this state so much, then on your bike Mike, and let the campaign begin, allowing time for the electorate to get to know their new choice of candidates, and ensuring democracy decides, or is it all about the money?


Labors chosen candidate to replace Mike is already flooding the Ramsay and surrounding districts with electoral information, yet for the rest of us budding candidates, we can do very little, as until an election is called dare we spend our precious resources until we are listed as actual candidates?


Labors past electoral conduct has been a disgrace, so I feel we cant expect any shift in equity now, so why not phone Mr. Ranns office and see if the truth is yet to be on his agenda.


Mike RannElectorate Office: 40-42 Commercial Road Salisbury SA 5108. Tel: 8258 0480. Fax: 8258 5433. Email: ramsay@parliament.sa.gov.au


Mark M Aldridge

Independent for Ramsay (well eventually)

08 82847482 / 0403379500


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