Why Vote for Mark Aldridge Independent for the Ramsay By Election 2012

Why should you vote for me?


It would appear you have two choices, more of the same or a change in direction, and just maybe increased support for the local community, with a tried and trusted name

I have stood up and put my money where my mouth is for over 12 years, as a local, not as a representative for a political party, and I could do so much more with the resources available as an elected member.

I studied the disability and mental health sector, I stood up for change; I met with the right people, lobbied government and held one of the largest rallies with the support of many good people including late Dr. Paul Collier.

When I heard government endorsed contractors were stealing water and damaging our northern plains aquifers, I exposed the issue with the help of Today tonight.

When the very same contractors were exposed for not adequately paying employees, I personally ensured their wages were paid.

I heard a local native wild life sanctuary owner needed help, and that her hand reared animals would be put down, I was there with my wife, we set up and moved the sanctuary to our own premises and run and self fund it. (Willow wood sanctuary)

Qld was devastated by floods, so I raised money and feed for the RSPCA and other carers in QLD, when the trucks let us down and those who had collected goods for the people of Gatton, I took time off work and drove my hotrod over with funds and near 5 tonnes of goods, raising money along the way.

The South Australian State election was exposed as dodgy, I investigated and found tens of thousands of names missing of the rolls, and near 20,000 missing ballot papers, enough to change the outcome, so I took the conduct to court, risking my home and everything I own, the results were a bloody disgrace, “regardless of the outcome the results of a general election stand”, and I am still angry at the outcome, and fighting for reform.

When local people are in need, I back them up including attending court to assist in the defence of their innocence, including many self represented court cases in the fight for a fair go.

I have met with and supported most sections of the community, our farmers and producers, housing trust tenants, victims of Family’s SA & the family court,  our water resources,  small business operators and the self employed,  our un and under employed and pensioners, veteran groups, Novita and other under-resourced groups helping our most vulnerable, to name only a few.

I have written on and studied all aspects of our supposed rights and liberty’s, and fought to not only protect them but to bring into law those most basic rights we have come to believe we have in Australia, through the adoption of our own bill of rights.

The other choice is the Labor candidate Zoe Bettison, whom I do not know personally, she has worked for several Labor organisations, both here and in the Northern Territory, her experience with the unions and Hawker Britton Labor’s spin machine, makes her an ideal candidate for what Labor calls a safe seat, she knows what to say and when, has the state’s biggest Unions backing, and has been endorsed because the Labor party know she will tow the party line.

If you want a representative that will fight with everything they have to protect your best interests and those of your children I am the ideal choice, and the proof is only Google away, as everything I say can be confirmed both on line and on my website http://www.markmaldridge.com

My Grandparents were great role models, helping those in need, my Father Robyn Aldridge worked for the SA Gas Company, and still runs Parafield Gas services in Parafield Gardens at the same address I grew up, he also is the number one member of the Parafield Gardens Community club as one who helped establish the club for the local community, my Mother Gillian Aldridge has been a long term advocate for the local Community and now holds the position as our Mayor of Salisbury.

In the absence of the mighty resources of the state Labor party, I will do my best to ensure the people of Ramsay know I am running and what I stand for, and regardless of the outcome, I will continue to do my best for my local community and to hold our elected members to account.

Mark Marshall Aldridge

Independent for Ramsay


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