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Labor abandons Innovation in SA !

February 29, 2012

Labor abandons secure employment in the north


The State Labor party threw all they had into ensuring their representatives were successful in winning the February by elections, even the fact that both elections resulted in many thousands of missing votes did not deter the Ramsay and Port Adelaide electorates new representatives from their respective bragging rights.

The new $400,000 dollar playground offered as a vote buying exercise to help elect Zoe Bettison into the seat of Ramsay, is already being long forgotten, as the Labor party immediately after the election announce the closure of Innovate SA, even though the closure was well known by the party prior to the election took place.

In the pursuit of democracy, I am sure the people of the northern area, in particular the Ramsay electorate would have preferred to have known about this fact, prior to casting their vote, well those that were actually able to.

The small business sector is the largest employer in the northern Adelaide region, and innovate SA had a significant impact on local small business support, an issue brought up by myself as the local independent candidate, it is hard to believe that the first thing Labor announce after being rewarded with the community’s support, is to send an important support service to the wall, which is the last thing we need.

Labors Minister Koutsantonis defunded the Business Enterprise Centres and effectively pulled the plug on Playford Capital. Thereby removing skills development and start-up funding for entrepreneurs in one hit, but just to be sure Innovate SA were left devastated with no funding surety past the 30th June 2012.

Innovation in the small business sector is of a primary concern to secure employment opportunity for the north, something I have been very passionate about, yet the very representative who earned the support of the local community only a couple of weeks ago, is now sitting back watching even the current support be taken away.

Without the support for early stage companies and entrepreneurs in the North we risk losing Intellectual Property and Innovation to other states and countries. It begs the question I raised during my campaigning, are the Labor party unable to see past digging holes and supporting non-competitive industries.

China, India, the European Union and the USA have all announced major commitments to spend massive amounts on research and innovation, to sure up industry and employment, and here we have our own state government closing the door on our future.

I stood before and I will stand again in the seat of Ramsay, to ensure my community have the best resources to take our city into the next century and beyond, and that is reliant on support for research & development and innovation at all levels of business development.

Zoe Bettisons calls for more woman in politics in her maiden speech, will not help secure investment in the north, let alone long term vision for our employment sector, so I will keep the pressure on the Labor government to find the funding to ensure Innovate SA is funded beyond June 2012, and I will be again looking for your vote in 2014.

Mark Aldridge, Community advocate and Independent candidate

08 82847482.0403379500


Recognition of local government in the Constitution by referenda in 2103

February 29, 2012

Notes regarding the recognition of local government by referenda in 2013

The idea that we allow the constitutional recognition of local government will face a host of barriers, when it comes to selling the ideal to we the people, considering we have said no, twice in the past, 1974 and 1988.

There are several ways in which to include local government in our constitution, financially as the LCA would prefer, and the main aim of local government in need of financial security, democratic, the hardest sell and as a third tier of government, an option that would be lost before the first shot is fired, and one of a symbolic nature.

If we tackle the financial security option, section 96 of the constitution could be amended to read “new words highlighted”

(the Parliament may grant financial assistance to any State “or to any local government body” on such terms and conditions as the Parliament sees fit)

“The case of  Pape vs Commissioner of Taxation (2009) highlighted the need for financial recognition to ensure clear passage of commonwealth funding”

The issue of terms would still open the door to controlling forces on the freedom of local government to operate, and may end up a wedge on policy separatism from Commonwealth and State ideals, in particular when alternate parties are elected at state and federal level.

To go down the path of democratic inclusion, would open the door to mass speculation and fear, in respect to another over politicised tier of government, with legislation of state government now empowering local government bodies. State governments would have trouble accepting such a shift as to who controls the local direction of their arena, of particular concern for the States and Territories would be the retention of the power to dismiss a local government and appoint an administration in the limited number of cases where a council is either corrupt or dysfunctional.

This situation in itself opens the door to local government falling back on inclusion in the state constitution rather than the commonwealth, if however a correlation can be found which protects the state interests, it would be along the lines of “Each State shall, and each Territory may, provide for the establishment of, or continuance of a system of local government bodies elected in accordance with the laws of the State or Territory”

Any option that relates to constitutional recognition beyond simple matters of funding, will interfere with the ability for State government to police local issues, such as the pre-mentioned corruption issues and indeed possibly include by-laws and the state’s legislative agenda, not to mention the high court may be forced to throw their hat in the ring regarding any inclusion of local government in the preamble.

Inclusion at state constitutional level would allow for greater detail, without fear of well established grass roots NO Campaigns, but this option is not on the LGA’s preferred lists, as it is the federal grants they wish to receive direct and without state government restrictions.

Having spent many years on the NO side of constitutional recognition, it seems from a constitutional level that inclusion in section 96 of the Act, would be acceptable to both voters and the Local council, without impeding on the separation of powers, or the original intention of the Commonwealth Constitution Act itself.

Local government bodies have existed in Australia since the establishment of the Adelaide Corporation (now the City of Adelaide) in 1840. Across Australia, the 560 odd local government bodies, promote local interests and deliver important services and infrastructure at a direct community level.

It would be only fair as such, that these bodies received some official recognition, but to go beyond financial security, I feel too many issues would need to be addressed, leaving any such sell to possible failure.

The councils are already putting aside a rather tidy sum, to sell their chosen ideal, so let’s hope they stick with change that will this time be acceptable to the public of Australia this time. Over the past hundred years or so, only 8 out of 44 referenda have been carried. In Sir Robert Menzies’ words, “to get an affirmative vote from the Australian people on a referendum proposal is one of the labours of Hercules.

The only changes we the people have supported in the past, have been based around state debt in 1910 and 1928, Social services in 1946, Aboriginals in 1967 and in 1977 alterations to the Senate casual vacancies, referendums, the retirement of judges and our national song.

Even thought the Commonwealth Parliament formally acknowledged the role of local government in Australia in 2006, it did not go as far as recommending constitutional recognition, as they themselves would be well aware of the issues such a move would face.

Recognition could also enhance the ability of local councils to advocate the interests of their communities through collaboration with other levels of government. It could thus make a practical difference to local government’s ability to deliver local services and infrastructure, and to its future development as an integral part of the Australian Federation.

The only other avenue that I believe will be offered up by state government will be nothing more than symbolic, as they have self interest in retaining full control of local government agenda and finances, another fact that supports financial recognition to allow some freedom for local governance.

There is however another issue facing local government and that is the ground swell of opposition to their current use of by-laws, which are written up by state government and given to the local government bodies to enforce.

There would be huge opposition from many political activists to any inclusion that would further empower councils/shires to write law, and that in itself would also be a huge imposition on the daily running of councils. Becoming a third tier of government would be a huge impost on both the councils and the people, adding the risk of politicizing local government and with it the usual waste and cost burden to the local constituents.

The simple adding of the words “or to any local government body” to section 96, seems an acceptable way forward for local government, and will allow direct funding from commonwealth grants, without interference by state governments whilst ensuring the present separation of powers remain intact.


Mark Aldridge

Independent candidate and Community activist.


February 27, 2012

The Ramsay by-election in South Australia, Labors safest seat, was contested by Labor, the greens and a hand full of minor parties and Independents working together to ensure Labor lost ground in their safest seat.

The LDP, entered the contest, not on the ground, no signs, no media just a “How to vote card” that resembled Liberals, and in the absence of a Liberal candidate, the obvious result occurred, with the LDP  polling well above the minor parties.

The Lead Independent was Mark Aldridge, a long time friend of the LDP at a federal level, polling at 17%, much to the disgust of the local South Australian voters, the LDP in South Australia, gave their preferences to the Labor party.

If the Liberal Democratic Party had put Labor last, it would have been a swift and well earned kick to the Labor party in SA.

It appears the LDP ignored the ideal of preferencing based on common policy directives, in favour of back room deals with Labor.

My advise to all voters is to be very careful where they cast their vote, as it appears policy has nothing to do with who this party prefer.



February 24, 2012


Ten years ago, Labor in SA won office on the deceit of Peter Lewis, Peter ran a strong campaign under the promise he was a Liberal independent, He denied any accusations he would support Labor, so his electorate trusted him with their precious votes.

Labor took office on the support of a liar, and governed South Australia based on a lie, just like the false promise of federal Labor during the last federal election; Labor in SA even gained Lewis’s support also based on a lie.

The 2006 election also exposed many issues where the truth and a fair go, played no part in the elections conduct.

Labor kept up their record during the 2010 State election, intercepting peoples mail, registering the opposition leaders name as a reply paid address, dressing up as another party, handing our dodgy how to vote information, and when caught out tried to argue in the supreme court, that we the people have no common law rights to even cast a vote.

Close scrutiny of the 2010 elections exposed dodgy practices across the board, and so did Labors rein, jobs for mates, false promise, failed legislation and legal battles, and they are still paying out for peoples silence and their poor performance.

Tens of thousands of missing names, ballot papers and a host of issues remain the legacy of their win, even though the premier Mr. Rann promised to full fill a full term as did Foley, again both walked away from their promises to this state and their electorates, as if honesty is not even an option.

The by-elections held to find their replacements suffered again in the silence, missing names, votes and dodgy practices, in one by-election a massive 30% of votes not even counted, leaders changing without any regard to the electorate in both state and federal politics.

Lie’s, deceit and dodgy practices are Labor’s legacy at both state and federal levels, while screams for new elections are ignored as if the people do not exist, and Labors lacklustre performance and disregard for what is best for the state or country, just as distasteful as their disdain for our democracy.

It would appear over the last decade, Labor rely on dodgy practices, back room deals and outright lies to hold office, doing deals with any, promising anything, selling out any, just to lead, or is it all about the ideal the title of honourable will cleanse their souls.

When your leaders can do this out in the open without fear of reprisal, democracy has failed and along with it all we cherish as a society, while our forefathers turn in their graves, and all we hold dear is being taken from us, it will be future generations that will look back upon the legacy we leave them in shame.

When society lie’s to you, deceives you and lets you and your children down, look around at our role models, our leaders, and they way in which we react to dodgy practices, for that is where the problems lay, as many people will still reward Labor with their vote.

Mark Aldridge

Community advocate


February 23, 2012


The truth about Australian elections, “With out Democracy, the best we can achieve is the cover of the book, rather than the contents”

Mar4k Aldridge


February 23, 2012


There seems such strong interest in change regarding politics, but no interest in how that change can come about, in the most we talk about new elections, using our vote to support and or for a swift kick for those supposed representatives selling our country short.

The fact I have specialised in electoral conduct for many years, is because without a free and informed vote, we can do very little to initiate change, I say elections are rigged, and the response is usually one of “Conspiracy theory” either that or no body actually gives a shit?

Every word I write or speak regarding elections and their current state of play, I can back up 100%, and the many issues I know exist, that I cannot prove, I do not convey to others, maybe I should.

So I will attempt to give a short and sweet overview;

  1. Elections should be about the free will of an informed electorate, we should know where and how to vote, be guaranteed a secret vote, and that votes cast are added up to ensure the candidate/s with the most support are elected to represent our best interests in parliament, sounds pretty simple.
  2. One sad point is under the current system there is no responsibility to inform the voters as to who is running and what they stand for, a massive omission, which opens the doors to the empowerment of big money, rather than the best candidate.

There is no chance in hell of any person casting an informed vote unless they themselves go to great lengths, to personally scrutinise all the candidates, and if suddenly every voter made the decision to do so, the candidates themselves would be over whelmed, and in any case, the 2 party system expects you to have a preference for every candidate “Even those you do not like or in fact oppose”.

So from the onset “free and informed” is already doomed, so left to work with a biased system which is the direct result of the self interest of those in charge of writing the laws, we must cast the most informed vote we can, yet again we cannot rely on even that!

  • Dodgy how to vote information, is allowed under the Act
  • False promises and outright deceit are all allowed under the Act
  • Missing ballot papers exceeding winning margins is acceptable conduct.
  • Names of long term voters missing from the electoral rolls is also accepted. (77.000 went missing in the 2010 SA state election and turned up a few months later)
  • Postal vote applications intercepted by the major parties is also common practice, in some cases in the hundreds of thousands.
  • Missing postal ballots is also accepted even in the 10’s of thousands
  • Multiple voting is now common place.
  • Dodgy postal addresses are now common practice, so your mail can now be intercepted.
  • How to vote information is now a thing of the past.
  • If ballot papers run out, you miss out on your vote.
  • Candidate names missing of the ballot papers are enforced by the electoral commission
  • Counting of the ballot papers favours the 2 major parties, not the candidate with the most support.
  • Scrutineers can guess your intention beyond what you mark, as such change your ballot.
  • Required information under the Act missing from polling booths.

In the recent Ramsay by-election in SA, dodgy practices, informal and missing votes, totalled well over 30% of the result, and this is acceptable (over 2,000 possibly dodgy, over 1,700 informal and well over 4,000 missing, out of 22,000 voters) this is democracy in Australia!

So how the bloody hell do we use our vote to bring change, if a free and informed vote, is of the agenda, and is replaced with out-right deceit and dodgy democratic practices?

And to top it off, if you go against the grain as a non 2 party candidate, the silence will indeed ensure you have no chance from the onset, and a land slide will be needed to even come close, if indeed the 2 party count allows a slight chance, or in fact if you are even allowed to have your name above the line on the ballot paper.

“Independents and minor parties have to perform twice as good as a 2 party candidate to be considered half as good” and the media in general prefer to cover the leaders of political parties, even though they are chosen by their political parties not the voters of Australia.

Every year it gets worse, more dodgy practices, more missing names, greater informal percentages, and increased voter anger, and like a broken record, after every election there are parliamentary consultations and enquiries, which are all clear we the voters have had enough of their bloody system, and over and over again, the 2 parties ignore the findings, and indeed our rights and liberties, because the system as it stands empowers them at the expense of honest democracy.

Recent ideals for change, rather than to help the Australian public, are to further stem dissent, attacking freedom of speech, deregistration of minor parties, even attempting to silence on line comment.

Polling booth staff are under government agreements to keep what they see to themselves, complaints are silenced and even our courts have confirmed over and over, “the results of a general elections stand regardless of the conduct” all this and the only people who can empower we the voters of Australia, are the very same people who write the biases into law, and are using deceit and dodgy practices out of self interest in the first place.

So to all those commentators who go on and on about all that is wrong in our society, yet over look the corner stone of social change, our supposed democratic system of electing our representatives, give up now, unless you enjoy complaining, because the only way forward is through the empowerment of our voting rights.

Now to what I can’t prove in a court of law, I have viewed video of trucks carrying ballot papers being pulled over and the ballot boxes being exchanged, I have heard from polling booth staff about dodgy changing of ballots, using a simple rubber or a quick cross out and change, which is acceptable if a recount is ever ordered. I have heard of whole nursing homes told how to vote and who for, and have statutory declarations to that effect, during the 2010 SA state election, I received over 1000 written complaints, and proved an election to be dodgy to the extreme, but the law’s say “who cares” the result of a general election cannot be invalidated regardless of the conduct.

Until we have genuine freedom of choice, equitable access to information about the process and our choices, and a system that moves forward beyond a pencil and a piece of paper, that is written and policed by a genuine independent authority, change will continue to be the cover of the book, not the contents.

Mark Aldridge

Independent and democracy advocate


February 22, 2012



The most important part of any election is covered early in the electoral Act, in regards to the electoral commissioner ensuring the electorate are aware of the election and adequate how to vote information, the fact that her job was made harder by a lack of coverage in the media, does not dismiss this vital part of our system of democracy.

The result of poor performance in the education of voters is clearly evident when we study the outcome of the Ramsay by-election with around 20% of votes absent from the result, and the massive 9.6% informal votes, both these results would be records in Australian elections.

There were a mired of issues with the conduct in general, in every respect disenfranchised the local electorate, with reports from the polling booths of thousands being turned away due to a variety of issues, in the majority people found they were not on the Ramsay electoral rolls, yet simply had no idea.

Over 2000 votes went to the LDP, based in the most on the highlighting of the word LIBERAL on their how to vote cards, the only input they had in the election, with many reports people thought they had voted Liberal, I wonder how they feel knowing their vote may have counted for Labor?

Over recent years the few protections covered under the electoral act to protect the integrity of elections, and the ability of voter to cast a valid vote, have been ignored or undermined by the self interest of the political parties and the lack of time and resources available to the commission.

The court of disputed returns is not kind to those disputing election conducts, but in the case of the Ramsay by-election, the criteria could easily be met to force a new election, simply based on the percentage of missing valid votes.

The South Australian 2010 election conduct met with thousands of complaints, and many well published dodgy and undemocratic practices, with the missing ballot papers alone well exceeding the winning margins across the state, the Ramsay election has taken those figures to an all time high, with complaints from many starting to trickle in as I write.

Democracy in Australia is already suffering at the hands of self interest and structural biases, a direct result of those writing the legislation, being the very same that benefit from the structural biases 2 party politics brings to the table, with the average voter sick to death of forced attendance and the full preferential system, the last thing we need is dodgy practices and tens of thousands of missing names and ballot papers.

I cannot personally imagine turning up to vote, not even sure if I have to, and being confronted by up to 25 Labor workers in my face from the time I exit my car in the car park, which occurred in many polling booths during the recent by-election, only to be told my name is no longer on the electoral roll, or I am no longer in the electorate, so change when it comes to education regarding our rights and liberties is long overdue.

The Ramsay by-election was not one comfortable with the law, or indeed our expectations of how a democratic process should be conducted, therefore to me it is an invalid outcome, and must be addressed by way of a new election held within the requirements of the electoral provisions of this state.

Labor will not want to risk any such move, the Liberals are simply missing in action, and the Medias lack of coverage of the original election confirms their position, and the Commissioner will simply not admit any issues arose, leaving up to 30% of the Ramsay electorate disenfranchised from the ballot itself.

The Act clears the way for the governor to intervene, but even then they take advice from a Labor minister, who I doubt has any interest beyond maintaining their Ramsay win.

The scary part of this conduct, if it is not addressed now, how will we go enduring elections where in excess of 30% of the voters have no say in their representation, let alone those who are taken in by dodgy practices or is there going to be some sudden revival of democracy?

Dodgy how to vote cards, lies and deceit, multiple voting, incorrect electoral rolls, lack of credible policing and identity checks, missing or misleading information, the disregard of electoral law and budget elections is not the democracy our forefathers fought to defend, or acceptable practice in any respect.

Ohhh and while we are addressing fair practice, I must ask, should we endeavour to move on from a piece of paper and a pencil?

Mark Aldridge


82847482 / 0403379500

How LABOR won in the Ramsay by-election

February 12, 2012

How Labor won in Ramsay

Firstly they relied on media control of information, as all would know; there was no media coverage of Ramsay, even on most day time talk back shows and in the Advertiser, messenger press and TV, coverage did not exist or showed clear Labor bias.

The few articles covered only the Labor candidate and had the usual spin on them and in every case online comment were disabled. Emails, letters to the editor, on line comment, press releases and calls to talk back by dozens of supporters on a daily basis resulted in total silence.

Then they had to keep their candidate out of the spot light, while keeping the others busy, in the most I had to replace my corflute posters that were being stolen every second night, having to have 3 extra batches made up.

The Dodgy how to vote cards of the LDP, highlighting the word LIBERAL were designed to grab a few liberal supporters votes in the absence of a true Liberal candidate, even though the LDP did not compete further than their name on the ballot paper and the dodgy how to vote card in the polling booth cubicles. The LDP preferences went to Labor over the Independent.

In the mean time they flooded the electorate with letterbox flyers, personally addressed mail, phone calls, dodgy notes saying “I just missed you” designed to appear personally written, all akin to typical real-estate marketing.

Offers for free distribution of my flyers, seemed a nice favour, resulting in most of my mail out information going missing, all part of the dirty game.

The night before the election in came the bus loads of interstate Labor workers, they hit the polling booths hard, and had people sleeping over night with dogs to protect their massive coverage of the polling booths, and on the day of the election they had dozens of people in every polling booth.

Parts of these actions were to intimidate minor party workers and control polling booth coverage, with many of my supporters coping verbal abuse.

Massive reports of voters being turned away from polling booths, names missing of the electoral rolls and a host of other issues, have now become the norm during SA elections.

The continued use of a pencil to mark your ballot paper, and inappropriate conduct at the polling booths has also become the norm. Informal votes will account for over 10% of votes and continued disgust at our full preferential system makes it clear the changes to our electoral system I have been fighting for, for over a decade are necessary.

Even with all the structural biases of the electoral system and the dodgy conduct, Labor still had a swing against them, so ask yourselves what would have been the outcome of an honest process?


The Media Backed their every move which was obvious to everyone who tried to follow the campaign, so it is time for we the people, to work together to expose the truth, demand change and defend democracy.

See for the full outcome of the 2010 state election.


Mark Aldridge

Independent Candidate

Ramsay By-Election, the fight to be heard

February 5, 2012

Some advice for budding candidates

How the Ramsay By-election will be fought!

Years of experience in the political arena as one who won’t lay down, be brought or compromise my values, to be known as one who exposes the truth, corruption, deceit and dodgy practices has put me in a position to truly understand how our democratic system works.

So why do I dare put forward my candidacy against Labors safest seat in the state? The fact that the Liberals are so bloody useless to even put up a candidate, and with a well known name in the area, would it be me V Labor, hmmmm had to give that a try, there is no chance they could take me on with live debate, nor on their performance record, so why not?

The media over the past 12 years or more have never covered me as either a candidate or my exposes, exclusion of the occasional Today tonight episode, or the budding new journo/radio compare that has seen merit in what I have done or achieved.

In those few occasions over the years, the truth has slipped out the tightening of the belts ensures they dare not make that mistake again, with numerous writers sacked or moved on, and presenters warned in no uncertain manner, some phoning me after quitting, others still use my information with the proviso, my name is not included.

The only avenues left open to me, to either expose the truth or inform the people, and even to try and create debate diminished to; The courts, the internet, social networking, public rallies, power polls and letterboxes.

The courts have shut me down, not even the law can help me, proving an election dodgy with an outcome “Regardless of the conduct a general election cannot be invalidated” then offers of money for the file to go away, or proving a model of speed camera does not meet legislative requirements for use, yet walking away the loser, will certainly keep me away.

Holding the largest rally in years to assist the most vulnerable “Our disabled children” only to face the unique situation that no media were allowed to attend nor cover the event, as had become the norm, proved not even the most valid reason to stand in such a way, was worth pursuing.

The Internet remains open, even the hacking of my computer at the start date of my election campaign, and in fact all my websites, was only a 2 day silence, but having an entire by-election silenced by the media, and any online comment regarding it shut down, is impressive work on their behalf.

The threats by phone and email at the start of every candidacy I have pursued, have become the norm, and even my wife laughs at them now, and the legal attacks have stopped out of the shear fact, they have never won against me.

I flooded the power polls with signs, and they were torn down, and I expected that, so hit hard again, higher and bigger, again torn down, so again this time with information rather than the usual “Vote for me”, and with 5 days before the election, still have enough to replace many on a daily basis, but will it be enough?

Proof of whom did it and where the shredded remains lay, was of no interest even to SAPOL!

The letter boxes have been covered, yet it seems even that was worthy of people ready to un-stuff them for me, so my supporters and I hit the suburbs every night late to ensure the greatest chance of our message getting out.

Now the really hard part is in-front of me, the dodgy election process itself, the LDP are running to ensure Labor get over the line, not on the streets, not in the media, or the power polls, by way of the word Liberal in their name, with how to vote information that appears they are the Liberal choice, yet preferring Labor over me.

My distain for the electoral system is very well known, and my readiness to hold to account dodgy practices, just as highly regarded, so the new hat in the dodgy ring, is the trialling of a new computerised voter registration scheme, funnily enough in my by-election for the first time in the states history, so maybe even if I can get the majority of voter support, even that may not reward my hard work.

This is Democracy in South Australia; couple this with my exposes of the electoral system and election conduct which show over 10% of the vote can be fraudulent, amongst a huge list of other dodgy practices, and it is clear why people steer clear of taking on the mighty 2 party system.

Peoples names will be missing of the electoral roll, ballot papers will go missing, postal vote applications in their hundreds will turn up in Labors party offices rather than the electoral commission, with a side serve of misleading advertising and the usual false promises etc , all acceptable practices in today’s electoral process.

“It is not those whom cast the vote, but those who count the vote that decide” is a saying that goes back centuries, and is even more relevant today, or as I would say “Money buys power” yet even that is debatable.

The moral of this story?  There is always a bastard like me who will never give up, I will keep looking for the loop holes, learning their rules and finding away past, in the sincere hope, that when I do, I can pass on the key to help even more annoying honest people like me to improve the representation of the people, and restore democracy to this one fine country.

For those lazy candidates with aspirations of becoming a political representative, join the Labor party, do as you are told, and be rewarded with a safe seat, and be ready to turn a blind eye and take plenty of meds to help you sleep at night.

Mark Aldridge

The Liberal Democratic party attack democracy in the Ramsay by-election

February 5, 2012

Liberal Democrats back Labor into the seat of Ramsay

Christopher steele the leader of the Liberal democratic party is working to ensure the local independent Mark Aldridge has no chance in taking Labors safest seat in SA, that of Ramsay.

Christopher not only lives outside the electorate, he has no interest in the needs of the Ramsay constituents, he will erect no vote one posters, because his whole campaign is reliant on the fact that the Liberal party are not putting up a candidate, and by submitting “how to vote cards” that appear to be the Liberal party’s, will gain his party some votes.

The preferences of the LDP, are designed to flow through to the Labor party over the local Independent, based solely on the how to vote cards adorning the words Liberal in capitals, and produced in the Liberals colour of blue.

There will be no mention of the LDP’s policys, like that of supporting the sale of Australian land, assets, farms and manufacturing to overseas interests, or the legalisation of all drugs, or even dare debate in public various other aspects of the state LDP’s ideal of policy directives in the local electorate.

Their candidacy is all about ensuring Labor maintain their strong hold on the area, with rumours of a move to the Labor party itself for Mr. Steele.

Having met Christopher I doubt these rumours to be true, but then again, the tactics the LDP are using, go against my knowledge of the party’s ideals, so anything is possible.

Having dealt with the LDP’s national executive over many years, and having respect for their executive, it is hard to believe their South Australian state registered party would stray so far from their parties ideals, and there threats and abusive phone calls to my family home, came as a surprise.

The LDP how to vote cards should maintain their logo and colours, and the lack of vote one posters, seems to ensure any vote they receive, is based on deceiving Liberal party supporters, an outright attack on democracy.

I sincerely hope for the sake of my community, that Mr. Steeles attack on the democratic process, does not affect the Ramsay community’s ability to elect the best representative, to be the voice of their community.

Making matters worse is he has used the truth of his use of the Liberal part of his party’s name to secure well placed preferences from other candidates, without them knowing he prefers Labor to take the seat, if he can’t, a very sad day for the people of Ramsay.

I hope the people of Ramsay take the time to seek the truth, and vote based on the candidates in the order of their preference, not some dodgy back room deals and a repeat of the dodgy “how to vote” cards endured during the 2010 election.

Dodgy how to vote information, and deceitful back room deals have no place in our democratic process, something I have been fighting to abolish for many years, if the LDP were serious about representing the Ramsay electorate, they would be running on their ideals, not sitting back hoping to deceive honest people out of their vote.

I hope people remember this situation for years to come, just as they should remember Labors shocking attack on democracy in 2010, they do not deserve to use the name Liberal, or democratic in their name, let alone the chance of the title of honourable.


Mark Aldridge Independent