Ten years ago, Labor in SA won office on the deceit of Peter Lewis, Peter ran a strong campaign under the promise he was a Liberal independent, He denied any accusations he would support Labor, so his electorate trusted him with their precious votes.

Labor took office on the support of a liar, and governed South Australia based on a lie, just like the false promise of federal Labor during the last federal election; Labor in SA even gained Lewis’s support also based on a lie.

The 2006 election also exposed many issues where the truth and a fair go, played no part in the elections conduct.

Labor kept up their record during the 2010 State election, intercepting peoples mail, registering the opposition leaders name as a reply paid address, dressing up as another party, handing our dodgy how to vote information, and when caught out tried to argue in the supreme court, that we the people have no common law rights to even cast a vote.

Close scrutiny of the 2010 elections exposed dodgy practices across the board, and so did Labors rein, jobs for mates, false promise, failed legislation and legal battles, and they are still paying out for peoples silence and their poor performance.

Tens of thousands of missing names, ballot papers and a host of issues remain the legacy of their win, even though the premier Mr. Rann promised to full fill a full term as did Foley, again both walked away from their promises to this state and their electorates, as if honesty is not even an option.

The by-elections held to find their replacements suffered again in the silence, missing names, votes and dodgy practices, in one by-election a massive 30% of votes not even counted, leaders changing without any regard to the electorate in both state and federal politics.

Lie’s, deceit and dodgy practices are Labor’s legacy at both state and federal levels, while screams for new elections are ignored as if the people do not exist, and Labors lacklustre performance and disregard for what is best for the state or country, just as distasteful as their disdain for our democracy.

It would appear over the last decade, Labor rely on dodgy practices, back room deals and outright lies to hold office, doing deals with any, promising anything, selling out any, just to lead, or is it all about the ideal the title of honourable will cleanse their souls.

When your leaders can do this out in the open without fear of reprisal, democracy has failed and along with it all we cherish as a society, while our forefathers turn in their graves, and all we hold dear is being taken from us, it will be future generations that will look back upon the legacy we leave them in shame.

When society lie’s to you, deceives you and lets you and your children down, look around at our role models, our leaders, and they way in which we react to dodgy practices, for that is where the problems lay, as many people will still reward Labor with their vote.

Mark Aldridge

Community advocate


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  1. Robyn Says:

    Wow well done my friend. I am very impress. Pity most of the people in SA won’t read it they might turn to voting for good people like you .Keep up the great job Mark your always a winner in our books

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