The Ramsay by-election in South Australia, Labors safest seat, was contested by Labor, the greens and a hand full of minor parties and Independents working together to ensure Labor lost ground in their safest seat.

The LDP, entered the contest, not on the ground, no signs, no media just a “How to vote card” that resembled Liberals, and in the absence of a Liberal candidate, the obvious result occurred, with the LDP  polling well above the minor parties.

The Lead Independent was Mark Aldridge, a long time friend of the LDP at a federal level, polling at 17%, much to the disgust of the local South Australian voters, the LDP in South Australia, gave their preferences to the Labor party.

If the Liberal Democratic Party had put Labor last, it would have been a swift and well earned kick to the Labor party in SA.

It appears the LDP ignored the ideal of preferencing based on common policy directives, in favour of back room deals with Labor.

My advise to all voters is to be very careful where they cast their vote, as it appears policy has nothing to do with who this party prefer.



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