Labor abandons Innovation in SA !

Labor abandons secure employment in the north


The State Labor party threw all they had into ensuring their representatives were successful in winning the February by elections, even the fact that both elections resulted in many thousands of missing votes did not deter the Ramsay and Port Adelaide electorates new representatives from their respective bragging rights.

The new $400,000 dollar playground offered as a vote buying exercise to help elect Zoe Bettison into the seat of Ramsay, is already being long forgotten, as the Labor party immediately after the election announce the closure of Innovate SA, even though the closure was well known by the party prior to the election took place.

In the pursuit of democracy, I am sure the people of the northern area, in particular the Ramsay electorate would have preferred to have known about this fact, prior to casting their vote, well those that were actually able to.

The small business sector is the largest employer in the northern Adelaide region, and innovate SA had a significant impact on local small business support, an issue brought up by myself as the local independent candidate, it is hard to believe that the first thing Labor announce after being rewarded with the community’s support, is to send an important support service to the wall, which is the last thing we need.

Labors Minister Koutsantonis defunded the Business Enterprise Centres and effectively pulled the plug on Playford Capital. Thereby removing skills development and start-up funding for entrepreneurs in one hit, but just to be sure Innovate SA were left devastated with no funding surety past the 30th June 2012.

Innovation in the small business sector is of a primary concern to secure employment opportunity for the north, something I have been very passionate about, yet the very representative who earned the support of the local community only a couple of weeks ago, is now sitting back watching even the current support be taken away.

Without the support for early stage companies and entrepreneurs in the North we risk losing Intellectual Property and Innovation to other states and countries. It begs the question I raised during my campaigning, are the Labor party unable to see past digging holes and supporting non-competitive industries.

China, India, the European Union and the USA have all announced major commitments to spend massive amounts on research and innovation, to sure up industry and employment, and here we have our own state government closing the door on our future.

I stood before and I will stand again in the seat of Ramsay, to ensure my community have the best resources to take our city into the next century and beyond, and that is reliant on support for research & development and innovation at all levels of business development.

Zoe Bettisons calls for more woman in politics in her maiden speech, will not help secure investment in the north, let alone long term vision for our employment sector, so I will keep the pressure on the Labor government to find the funding to ensure Innovate SA is funded beyond June 2012, and I will be again looking for your vote in 2014.

Mark Aldridge, Community advocate and Independent candidate

08 82847482.0403379500


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