Liberal Democratic Party S.A. “Libertarians or simply dodgy”

Explanation regarding the LDP (Liberal Democratic Party SA)


Several years ago, I heard a speech which I found offensive by one of their supposed leaders, but I do not like to judge a group by the actions of one person.

I have and maintain a comfortable relationship with the LDP National executive.

Then when setting up a website to help unite and gain support for the minor parties and Independents, it was brought to my attention, the LDP support the sale of our land, farms and assets, even with countries that do not offer an equitable trade, something that offends me.

While doing preference deals during an election campaign, it became evident the LDP do not honour promises they make, but I continued to meet them with a hand shake, which concerns me from my own perspective, was I being polite or was their self interest on my own behalf regarding future preferences, or was it the usual us V the 2 party system that kept me seeking unity?

Then during the state by-election, it became very evident, games were on the agenda, with the LPD backing Labor over me, if I had secured a few more percentages in votes, the LDP would have handed Labor the win in Labors safest seat, against the direction of their supposed policy direction and the best interest of their supporters.

The fact they used dodgy how to vote cards to try and deceive Liberal voters and even worse hand those votes to the Labor party, is an issue that makes my blood boil

Every rally they addressed it was all about supporting one and all, without reason in their speech, more so, that they support everything, open slather, yet going from attendees one my one with free membership forms, it seemed all about self promotion than the topic of the rallies themselves.

Then came the threatening calls to my family home, which never goes down well, and yet on Friday at a rally, I still shook their leaders hand, because the topic of the rally was important, yet afterwards I felt like I was a sell out, like a dirty sell out, I watched as he went person to person selling free membership, knowing the promises being made were not honest.

I made mention of how I felt to a mate who has also been in the arena for many years, and what he told me, made sense when I consider how I feel about the local LDP executive, so I believe what I have heard, but will not repeat it, as I cannot prove it, either way, I have let myself down pretending to be able to excuse their actions, so best I remain true to myself, and distance myself completely from the SA LDP and in particular their leader Christopher Steele.

I am so upset with how I have acted and what I now know, I simply must distance myself from the party at state level and any of their supporters, so that’s it, childish or heartfelt is up to you, for me it is essential if I am to remain in the fight for a fair go, that I remain true to myself.

The LDP in SA’s conduct has broken every aspect of fair play I fight for, and I am so angry with myself for not standing up when the first issue arose.



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