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CARBON TRADING “THE TRUTH” who pays and where does the money go?

June 28, 2012

Carbon trading “The costs”


What is a Carbon credit, what will levying a cost on Carbon Dioxide achieve, who will pay those costs and how much is Carbon worth, are all questions that appear to be of no interest to the Australian media, let alone on the lips of our representatives, in fact talking about any aspect of the tax appears to be frowned upon.


The Gillard government have gone as far as threatening massive fines to any who shall we say “Lay any blame to the carbon tax” without having a very good reason, yet Labor will not even expose who the big 500 number are, and with very good reason, read on.


The massive “Say Yes” Campaign was a huge success, even considering there were no details of what we were to say yes to, and their own advertising package was found to be just as dodgy, and dare anyone hold an alternate view.


Australia has set a price of $23 a ton, much to the disappointment of the Australian greens who were arguing figures of over $40 a ton. The very fact that the Labor government have put a price on Carbon Dioxide rather than a cap and trade style of levy has opened the door to the supposed top 500 polluters, who every they may be, to simply pass on the costs.


The tax does not play well from the onset, as there are not top 500 polluters in any respect, the tax will apply to any one plant or operation that exceeds 25,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year, yet does not apply to the company with 10 plants that emit say 24,000 tonnes.


As emissions go, Macquarie Generation tops the list at a massive 23.4 million tonnes emitted on its own premises, with Delta Electricity coming in next at 20.4 million. Steelmakers like Bluescope, which will receive $180 million in compensation, are on the next tier, followed by the big miners BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and Anglo American at around 5 to 7 million. Qantas — which has said it will hike fares to soak up its liability — and Virgin Blue also get a guernsey at 4 million and 1.7 million tonnes respectively.


One of many questions that should be answered is if one is charged $23 a tonne, and the other is not, how is that a level playing field for Australian businesses and consumers?


Another question that should be asked is “Who is licensed to assess stored and or saved Carbon dioxide by the tonne?” and how much they are actually worth, would you spend money in Australia at $23 a ton, or in say China or India at around $4 Aus?


Are all credits the same, are some just dodgy, who issues the credits and who benefits are also worthy of some fair reporting. My investigations lead the money trial in and out of well known players in the financial world, Rothschild’s, Shell, Macquarie, UN, World Bank etc etc.


India earns Carbon dioxide credits for having coal fired plants, and does not have to lower emissions, yet Australia pays for their plants to operate and MUST lower emissions if one looks at the UN policy, interesting the coal to run their plants comes from Australia, which we will pay to even mine.


I can buy very credible credits for around $15, yet in Europe prices have fallen from $33 Euro to $4 on top of a mired of other trading issues, missing credits, dodgy abatement and millions in missing funds, in fact near all the countries that joined the EU scheme have all raised their Carbon emissions in any event.


China leads the way with the most credits to sell, at the lowest prices, and as usual they control their own internal market, which rings a few sirens on its own.


On-line business selling discount credits are already  flourishing, the quality of their credits and their true worth, makes the stock market look like money in the bank, not that even that thought is very exciting, so who ends up with all the hundreds of billions of dollars each year?


I have credible inside info, that our Mr. Combat has his own ideas of where we can buy credits, and again, he is going to need a hell of a lot of credits.  The information clearly shows ideals that tie up productive farming land rather than buying credible credits that preserve forests and adequately back the Carbon Market, so is it still all about money, or is the environment completely out of the picture?


Why not let the cat out of the bag, you can all try a google search, and you may find out who 20 to 30% of the top polluters maybe, the other 70% or more is you guessed it, Government, local state and federal, and who funds them, we the people, so how do you feel coping most of this huge new tax, and if we are forced to pay out billions, do we not want to ensure it is being spent on our best interests, not to solely benefit the wealthy minority?


I can purchase genuine legislated credits for around $15 a tonne, should I be buying them up to sell to the local council for a pretty profit, or will the council head to China?


Australia  will then be buying  many Billions per annum worth of carbon dioxide credits from countries such as China and India; they will be able to sell us their UN provided Free carbon credits, while at the same time, buying our coal to burn in their UN-subsidised coal-fired powerplants, and yes we pay a percentage to the UN, to do this too us. We the people will be paying out all that money, so do we not deserve to know all the answers sprinkled with at least a dash of truth?


China has  only just starting to re-approve emission credits after a seven-month freeze, opening up speculation there is a carbon glut that’s contributed to the massive decline in European carbon prices, so how will this affect our opening price of $23 a tonne, remembering it is the mum and dad investors, many of the trading firms will be interested in?


The resumption of Chinese credits will be a huge blow to predicted prices in the 92 billion-euro market set up by the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, which imposes these greenhouse-gas prices on most developed nations through 2012 and skyrocketing onwards.


So as much as Australia have set a huge price on the value of Carbon Dioxide, it appears as their own reports already show, the true value can and is being manipulated in favour of the polluters themselves, big banks, the UN and money traders.


In looking for a bright side to this whole situation, we can all try and at least rejoice in the fact that de-forestation will be addressed, yet after all the ground work has been done to achieve that very outcome, with the Howard governments support, Labor are turning their back on all the hard work, in favour of self interest, sound familiar?


So the confusion will continue to reign, first it was global warming, until the science laughed at the label, then it was climate change, so any climatic event backed the sell, then the debate we were not allowed to have “Carbon Dioxide V Carbon pollution” because there was no debate, then the tax Labor would never back, which starts next week, and now the total silence around how the tax works, who will pay it, and where the money ends up, let alone the important one, how will the environment benefit.


The only message from Labor is, just take your $140, and save it to pay the slight rise in the cost of living, yet what they are giving us is less than we have already endured before the tax has even come on line.


The next silence will be all about how much we have to pay V what they are willing to let us have back, in any event Australia looses, Environmental protections lose and a One World style government/ monitory system will take a firm grip on our lives our future and our precious democracy.


I am sure we can save the forests without having to give up our rights, liberties and all sense of a fair go, I remain uncertain in any case we can change the weather by way of taxation, the only thing I can be certain of is we have had no say, and no honest and equitable debate……..question, take time to investigate and share the truth, and when the time comes stand for it.



Mark Aldridge “Independent”