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Australia has lost its way

August 17, 2012

How piss weak have Australian and their supposed leaders become?

Our people worked hard to build this fine country, our men and woman went to war to fight for what some of us enjoyed as children, they were the best on the planet, or farmers worked long and hard to become the best in the world, our workers were the best, our thinkers and our politicians, were outstanding examples of leaders.

My grandfathers generation worked hard and built quality Australian made products, they took in people in need, shared whatever they had, they taught compassion, integrity, honesty and commanded “A fair go” as our most memorable Australian adage.

Jack Lang an Australian politician, told England to get stuffed when they asked for money we had borrowed from them to support them in war, he took it out of the banks in fear the bankers would get their hands on it, and enlisted the new guard to protect it, so he could ensure money for the un employed as he had promised.

King OMalley again Labor, structured the Commonwealth bank, which pulled us out of a depression, we were forging ahead as a nation, a Sovereign nation.

Well something went damn bloody wrong, the people lost their balls, as did the politicians, everything went up for sale, we stopped being the best producers, the farms are now for sale, the corporate sector ride rough shod over any who do the right thing, politicians bow to those who fund them, to the UN and the World bank, like a pack of cowards.

We the people do the same, dare we speak up, or join in a rally, or fight for what is right, ohhhhhh what if we get in trouble, what if we lose a day’s wages, or get a paper cut.

I am amazed Australians don’t carry lubricant to make being screwed by selfish self serving bastards, easier to take, most sit back and watch their childrens future being taken from them, our freedoms, our democracy and our nations resources being stolen, and do not a bloody thing.

They make comment and jokes like it doesn’t matter, about being lied to by the honourable, taxed on the air they breathe, being forced to watch their basic commodities become ways to bankrupt the nation by greedy offshore criminals, and they let it happen.

Australia if you have bloody forgotten is a sovereign nation. A democracy where the people rule, well what a piss weak job we are doing, have we forgotten the Aussie mateship, the sacrifices and hard work of our forefathers with such distain?

I have fought for many years for a fair go, but whom am I fighting for now, if the people are so weak as to let their future be sold for a pittance, their childrens futures to be destroyed, their land to be sold, their wealth to be taken right in front of their noses, because they care only for the next day, instead of their country’s future.

The Eureka stockade was the birth place of democracy, yet all their sacrifice was in vain, as we let self interest takeaway our democracy, dare we even now fly the flag of the stockade without the casting of assertions.

The day our freedoms, our democracy and our future in general became negotiable, and Justice no longer reigned supreme,  is the day this once fine country lost its way, and it will take sacrifice and hard work to get it back on track, so either stand in the shadow of great people, of lay down in submission to thief’s and criminals, all the time remembering in action empowers the present path.


Mark Aldridge

Independent Federal Candidate for Wakefield SA