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October 20, 2012

Learn how to vote please Australia

For years now it has been all about Abbott and Gillard, yet very few Australians can vote for either, in your electorate it will be a candidate chosen by one of the two major parties, in fact a candidate chosen who they believe will do the will of their respective parties.

The media will continue to debate the leaders, Abbott or Gillard, but fact is, regardless of which party wins, they can simply change leaders, so who are you voting for?

The 2 major parties representatives take orders from their parties, but who gives these orders, in the most people we do not see or have an opportunity to elect.

Neither of the leaders has to honour their promises, in fact history tells us they rarely do, so are you voting for a false promise, a leader who may be changed, a party who lie, or is your vote going to empower a person you have never seen, whose ideals are not for the public to debate?

To cast an informed vote is near impossible, as the media will concentrate on the leaders, to cast a free vote is impossible, as you must preference all the candidates, even those you do not know or in fact oppose.

The two party count, which is part of the two party electoral system, ensures in most cases they get your vote, so democracy is easily seen as a failure from the onset, simply because those who write the laws have the most to gain from structural biases.

The closest you can come to an informed and democratic vote, is to scrutinise those candidates who will be on your electorates ballot papers, and preference them based on their ideals, but trust me, this is not how the big two want you to vote.

We as a society cannot expect to see change if we continue to vote as we always have, we can’t send a message without changing how we vote, in fact unless we unite and make our vote an educated one, we have no right to even complain about the state of play of our fine nation.

Two party politics and the media, like the system as it is, so do not expect either to level the playing field, or help you cast an informed vote, in every respect it is the other way around, they will silence any opposition and belittle what they stand for.

Your countries future is worth the time it takes to cast an informed vote, so do the best you can, any less makes you part of the problem rather than part of the cure, forget the sell a vote for a minor party or an Independent is a wasted vote, as it is a well funded message from the entrenched 2 party system

Treasure your vote, become informed and vote for the best candidate, for unless we change the way we vote, our nations direction will continue on the same path.


Mark Aldridge


See my website for a full expose on dodgy elections under the heading “Democracy the whole truth”