Farm Direct Markets SA….How you can help!

I need your help please.

I have put a lot of work, many hours and a little more money than I can afford into doing all I can to support our struggling farmers and growers, the concept of “Farm Direct” Markets for the suburbs are well received by the community, and a great help to our producers.

It all started with a rally to get people to buy local, which was held on 25th of August, costing me many of hours of work and over $1000 in costs, thousands attended, but many local growers were told not to attend, seems self interest in the Industry was more powerful than I could have known.

The outcome was a huge rally, thousands of people, but those producers who endured the pressure and attended on the day, sold out of produce before we ran out of customers.

The community wanted access to cheap local produce, they want to support our farmers and producers, and the growers loved the idea of having places to sell their produce for a fair price, so they could pay their bills and stay on the land.

“Our nation needs to stand up for its long term fresh food future in any event”

The Ideal of “Farm Direct” became a reality, and the first Market opened up in Enfield on the 15th of September, only to be met with council opposition, in their words from pressure from the local retail industry (Coles/Woolworths) seemingly unhappy that their goal to own 100% of the market between them would be hampered by these new markets.

Gawler Markets were not enduing the same issues, as it was out of town, and more so based on the “Farmers Market” tradition, to explain; “Farm Direct” is about supporting farmers and growers, in where they can work together to sell both, their own and neighbouring farms produce.

Council red tape, slowed the new market concepts growth, complete redevelopment of whole shopping complexes, was total overkill, and we simply refused to comply. They even tried to close the new market based solely on the fact customers were provided with samples of the produce, because what if we dropped the knife used to cut up the fruit and veg, even though we met all the health and safety requirements, seems a tap 10 feet away, needed to be replaced with each stall holder having its own water supply?

Enfield and Gawler remain, and as of the 23rd of November we now have “Salisbury Farm Direct” & “Hindmarsh Farm direct” markets, Salisbury is the best option to grow to meet the demands of the north, simply based on area, infrastructure and parking, but we need help!

To market such an Ideal is a financial Burdon, we can’t achieve in the short term, word of mouth will grow the market, but we are left with one important issue to address, the Riverland growers hardest hit by government mediocracy, need to bring larger quantities, to make it profitable for them,, and state government red tape, does not allow then to return with unsold produce, so we need to ensure the community is aware of the markets existence.

Once we have all these markets up and running, we will be able to ensure that all south Australian farmers or growers in need, have a place to sell their fresh produce, therefore ensuring their survival on the land, and their ability to resist take over by foreign investors, and avoid dodgy growing contracts.

This will be a huge win for the state as a whole, we protect the long term viability of our growers, and the community gains access to the best produce at affordable prices, and combined with the existing “Farmers Markets” we can sure up our food bowl for future generations.

To finalise this we need the support of the media, the people and eventually the government and local councils, once this is achieved, it will become a blueprint for other states to follow.

Please show your support, write and spread media articles, talk back radio, printing up flyers, letting friends and family know, sharing our social networking pages, writing letters to the editor, tell people how cheap and fresh the produce is, and coming along to any of the markets, there are no losers with this concept, other than the duopoly who are there to feed only corporate greed and inferior imported produce.

GAWLER; Gawler park open air market 485 Main north rd. Evanston Sundays 7.30am until 1.00pm

*ENFIELD; 9.00am every Saturday 445-449 Main north rd. Enfield (Enfield plaza)

HINDMARSH; Opened on the 23rd November to run every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9.00am until 4.00pm corner of Manton st & South Road, our smaller market until we access the local councils position


*SALISBURY; Opened 24th November 2012 Parafield Airport, from 8.00am until 2.00pm every Saturday, expanding on demand.


Mark Aldridge “Independent Candidate”

08 82847482 / 0403379500


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