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Who to vote for in Wakefield electorate “Federal election 2013” by Mark Aldridge

August 17, 2013
To the people of Wakefield, I entered the political arena over 10 years ago to fight to keep Australia on track, to maintain the ideal that we were the lucky country and ensure my children enjoy the very same freedoms and opportunity’s I had as a child.
Since then taxation continues to be applied without respect to equity, we now have more taxes, levies, fines, rules, and laws. We pay higher rates, fee’s, and utilities than nearly every nation and we mow face more red tape than ever.
Our human and civil rights are eroded every time new legislation is written, our education and health care receives lest funding every year and our education system fails more than acceptable levels of our children.
Over recent years we have spiralled down from 17 hospital beds per thousand Australians to under 3, and there is no end in sight.
The basic cost of living and our nation’s debt are rising out of control, while our services and basic infrastructure falls behind, an issue our children will pay heavily for if we don’t reverse the trend.
I also learnt very quickly that our system of democracy is undermined by the very fact those that write the laws, have the most to gain from the inclusion of structural biases.
So I decided many years ago to try and lead by example, I took action in the courts to empower our voting rights, uncovering tens of thousands of missing votes and ballot papers, along with many dodgy practices, yet the courts told me “the results of a general election stand, regardless of the conduct or the count”.
I held rallies on many topics including support for children with disabilities, carers, law and order, environmental and carbon trading, democracy, animal welfare, water resources, farming and a variety of rights based issues.
I then stepped heavily info the farming and primary production industries, firstly taking on the might of Woolworths and Cole’s, and opposing their excessive slice or the retail trade and unethical their treatment of our farmers and producers.
My work grew from rallies and on line protests, and attempts to secure honest product labelling to both supporting and opening my own markets to unite the community direct with the farmers and growers themselves “Farm Direct” community markets.
The outcome has been a great success, new farms are being planted, producers are getting a fair price for their produce and the community reap the rewards of more affordable and fresh produce all heaped together with in a safe family atmosphere.
I speak on behalf of many groups and alongside many compassionate and caring people, and have spoken all over the country for over 14 years self funded, I do not back down from a fight or overzealous red-tape, and I always honour my promises without consideration to personal costs.
Nothing will stop me from fighting for what I believe or helping those in the community in need, the only benefit of being elected will be the extra resources and a stronger voice to ensure our voices are heard.
Here is a list of a few of my ideals in brief;
  • Electoral reforms, to empower free and informed voting, abolishment of full preferential voting, improved services, increased security and complete up to date electoral rolls.
  • Stop the sale of our land, farms, water and vital infrastructure to foreign investment.
  • The regulation of our grocery industry, to ensure genuine competition and protect the best interests of our farmers and consumers.
  • Increase financial assistance to rebuild the farming industry to make Australia’s food bowl one of the world’s major food exporters.
  • Improved product labelling and shelving allocation including place of origin.
  • An overhaul of the animal welfare laws, and support services for private rescue groups and shelter operators.
  • Equity in taxation between local and offshore based industry.
  • Protection of our aquifers and the increased adoption of storm water harvesting as a national recharge system.
  • The relief of cost of living pressures through lowering staple food costs, cheaper access to potable water and energy regulation and innovation.
  • The introduction of a national buy back scheme with government guaranteed low interest rates to restore Aussie farms and infrastructure, back into Australian ownership.
  • Fight to reduce local red-tape by the abolishment of payroll and land tax, to stimulate the economy, as well as reigning in council bi-laws.
  • Lobby for a “Bill of rights” which would be debated in public hearings then be attached by referendum to our constitution. The bill of rights must override all government legislation and must become a part of the national curriculum.
  • Increased investment in the disability and mental health sector, in education, carer services and support, the abolition of all critical waiting lists. The introduction of NIDS and further investment in social inclusion programs are essential.
  • To demand reform to our court system to bring back affordability and equity, with a strong public consultation process in regards to the family courts.
  • Work-Cover reforms with in management, board positions and contracts to improve services and the cost affects on small business.
  • A more compassionate and equitable approach to border security and immigration, which takes in the best interests of the applicants and that of the Australian people and their way of life.
  • Tackle the increased lack of internet security including on line gambling and social networking accountability.
  • The restoration of registration labels.
  • Address the shortfalls in funding to our pensioners and veterans to bring them back into line with the cost of living and ensure future increases keep up with CPI.
Like most small business owners, paying the bills has become hard enough on its own, and the fact my wife and I also fund our native wildlife sanctuary, simply means I will not be able to keep up this pace forever without your support.
I won’t ask for your money, what I do need is your help, your time and your precious vote as a reward for my actions, and if you entrust me with it, I will do my very best to make you proud you did.
Mark Aldridge
Independent federal Candidate for Wakefield.