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QLD becoming the police state of Australia

November 5, 2013


QLD is leading the world in abhorrent laws, now the new laws passed to deal with the G20 summit in QLD next year show the true direction for civil liberties in Australia

Police Minister Jack Dempsey says people living inside special security zones in Brisbane and Cairns will be barred from their homes and given up to $200 to stay elsewhere if they are identified as a risk by federal authorities.

The G20 bill passed by the state parliament late on Tuesday, approved payments covering accommodation for those with a criminal background, plus their dependents.

In a massive list of items prohibited in the security zones between November 14 and 17 next year include eggs, a bag of flour, manure, kites, surfboards, canoes, kayaks, toy cars and model aircraft as examples

Weapons including longbows and slingshots will also be banned, and get this “reptiles, insects or other animal capable of causing physical harm if released”.

Background checks would be based on local and international intelligence and would affect anyone with a criminal history or those that have attended rallies or protests in the past.

The offenders need not have past offences in the state of Queensland.

“We are expecting 99 per cent of people will be able to go freely once they have had their crim history checked,” reporters were told by police on Wednesday.

“If there are people who the authorities think will put the operation at risk, those people will be advised that they will not be able to go into those restricted areas.”

Australian Council for Civil Liberties president Terry O’Gorman said the removals seemed extreme; the Australian Alliance has also raised issues with the new laws and their impact on civil liberties.

“If you have a conviction for a terrorist offence then that may be a justification,” but to include any person with criminal history which may include traffic offences, then these laws have stepped well over the mark.

If one has an undefined criminal history and is then moved from their homes for the G20, that is not the type of actions we need in this country.

Officials have used previous G20s in Toronto in 2010 and Russia this year as their guide.

The new laws, which are to lapse after the summit, make it easier for officers to strip search and arrest troublemakers, the issue here is how we define trouble makers.

New offences for actions such as disrupting meetings and crossing barriers have also been created.

Mr Dempsey the police minister said police could detain people if they had reasonable suspicions a crime may be committed.

The Police went on to say “We are making sure that obviously the rights and liberties of the community are protected, in that people will be able to protest but, protest in a way that does not bring fear or apprehension to other people who are here visiting from the G20.”

People do indeed have a right to protest, as well as to feel safe in the community, but these laws tread too heavily on the rights and liberties of everyone.

The ideal police can come through a person home, removing eggs, flour and even surfboards, is ridiculous, let alone restrict people from entering their own homes.

Other recent laws in QLD resulted in police asked to break the law, mandatory sentencing regardless of criminal actions, intimidation of the innocent, association laws, laws that keep a person from their home or business et al.

It seems QLD is becoming the police state of Australia, where the rights and freedoms of the people, now come second to parliament and the corporate sector, a very frightening direction for all Australians.

Mark Aldridge


Australian Alliance public launch 1.12.13

November 3, 2013


The “Australian Alliance” will be based on uniting Independent candidates, advocates, lobbyists and concerned community members, working united under one banner, with basic core directives that unite the candidates, members and supporters, and a common Logo as a promotional tool.

The website will start with the core directives and branch out from the basic paragraph descriptions, and become an educational tool, by listing the issues of community concern and working united on the reforms needed.

We will create our own media liaison, and make use of our own Independent news services.

The main goal is to show the cohesion of a political party/lobby group (Basic policy directives) without dictating to those with special interests, all other issues will be by independent choice, i.e.; conscience voting, to ensure any members with political ambitions are free to represent their electorates.

The core directives will united people with expertise and special interests to work together to collate the core issues of their topic and help both educate the community, our candidates and our supposed representatives already in parliament, while coming up with the reforms needed to bring change in line with community expectations.

Between elections we also work as a grass roots support group for people in need and to support ailing small business and the primary production industry, ideals like that of Farm Direct markets to back up our producers to, say the repair of a broken wheelchair, lobbying for a variety of reforms, while fighting to define and increase our rights and liberties.

Here is an example of the core directives to be debated;

  • DEMOCRATIC REFORMS; an independent body to overseas electoral conduct and legislative change, to empower a free and informed vote. Increased security of the ballot, up to date electoral rolls and improved identity and counting procedures.
  • GROCERY INDUSTRY REFORMS; to ensure adequate support to Australian producers and growers, honest labelling in respect to country of origin and GM content and an overhaul of the grocery industry to improve competition.
  • LAND, FARM, WATER AND INFRASTRUCTURE OWNERSHIP; New legislation to enforce a minimum 51% Australian ownership plan, becoming retrospective over 10 years.
  • OVERHAUL OF THE LEGAL SYSTEM; to ensure affordable and just outcomes for every Australian, the increased use of juries, and reforms to the federal family courts. Changes to ensure every Australian is afforded competent representation, the presumption of innocence and equitable outcomes.
  • BILL OF RIGHTS; The introduction of a bill of rights for all South Australians with continued lobbying for it to be adopted at a national level, and its inclusion as a part of the national curriculum.
  • SELF SUFFICIENTCY IN FOOD PRODUCTION; The abolishment of the National Resource Management board, to be replaced with an independent body comprised of Farmers, Producers and Environmental experts in equitable numbers, the application of equity in farming practices and subsidies to compete with all imported produce.
  • ESSENTIAL SERVICES; Work from the top down to put essential services back into the tax payers hands, cutting out the middle man to lower the direct cost to the consumer.
  • PENSIONS, VETERANS AND UNEMPLOYED; To ensure welfare services keep up with the cost of living through the adoption of an adequate percentage of AWOTE with increases in line with CPI.
  • EDUCATION; Increased investment in education at all levels, with improved resources for the disadvantaged and equitable placement for Australian citizens.
  • HEALTH CARE; providing a healthcare model that collaborates with all services within the community to provide for the essential primary healthcare needs of the community. Supervision and allocation of funds to both secondary and tertiary healthcare services ensuring all essential healthcare services are provided to the community. Then maintained in a multidisciplinary approach incorporating quality and quantity of service.
  • SUPPORT THE DISADVANTAGED; Abolish by funding all critical waiting lists, and improve resources for stigma reduction, education and employment services.
  • ANIMAL WELFARE; Set up a true independent board to overseas animal welfare and legislative reforms, through transparent community consultation processes hosted by experts in animal welfare.
  • FREEDOMS; Freedom of choice, association, and the freedom of our person, to be legislated and protected
  • PUBLIC TRANSPORT; to lead in innovation and services
  • MOTORING REFORMS; Equity in all laws associated with motor registration and engineering standards Australia wide. Laws of prosecution to uphold innocent until proven guilty.
  • ENVIRONMENT; all moneys raised for environmental and habitat restoration to be spent on shore with government incentives for innovation and to ensure clean and safe water, food and Air.
  • INTERNATIONAL POLITICS; to debate the introduction of UN directives and their effect on Australian sovereignty, including monitory policy, animal welfare, environmental issues and immigration.
  • POLICING; Fight for increased and defined services to restore accountability and public confidence.
  • EQUALITY; equality for all Australians and visitors to our fine nation, regardless of sex, colour or creed.

Each topic to be refined in one paragraph, dot point expansion of each topic will be by debate of all members on equal footing, these are not policy but more so an educational tool, members with political aspirations MUST adhere to the core directives, if they wish to use the logo during their independent campaigns.

Those with political aspirations work together like a political party, affordable membership to all those who back our core directives, each candidate supported by the Alliance puts in $1000 and pays their own nomination, the $1000 and any moneys raised or donated by our supporters for this purpose, will be for an advertising campaign 10 days before each election in each state that the nominations and funding are so raised.

All candidate posters in the same colour scheme and to all include the Logo, otherwise the contents are up to the individual candidate. The idea is to be a united group, with excellent support services to ensure any elected member can freely represent their electorates with the backing of an informed, educated and genuine grass roots lobby organisation.

A board is set up to meet monthly during election cycles (6 months before an election) or every 3 months, the board is to consist of 4 aspiring candidates, the spokesperson and 5 members that speak for divisions of the Alliance.

Media releases from each division (based on core directives) will go out using the logo in the heading. Any other talk back or media related comment by members, must only use the word supporter and confirm it is their personal view, unless it is a core directive.

As a group we unite to help people in need, support the concept of out Farm Direct Markets, opening markets in our respective areas, or helping existing markets to ensure our food security. If one division holds a rally or intervention, they can do so with our support.

T shirts, polo tops, stickers, signs and flyers can be produced in bulk to keep the costs down, again same colour scheme and logo.

All designs to include the logo, colour scheme to be dark green with gold/yellow print, options of black and white varieties will be allowed.

Each supporter will be able to download and copy flyers and information to share with their friends, family and community. Any money collected by fundraising for support services will be used for education or for those in need, by way of a vote of the members.

We start now, and also work towards contesting the looming State election in March, please forward me your ideals, feedback and personal interest.

“So far initial response is very good with people from a variety of back grounds interested in becoming a part of the Alliance either as candidates, professional advisors and community advocates. Farmers, grocery industry experts, IT people, lawyers and barristers, pokie reform experts, Legislators, rights based experts, specialists in international politics, child protection and health care workers, animal welfare experts, immigration, and many more and of course the varied studies of the experienced political team……and the interest is Australia wide.

Mark Aldridge “Founder”


The trial meet & greet on the 20th October in Adelaide at the Anzano club, was a huge success and included the following speakers;

Mark Aldridge (Independent) on Politics, Democracy, what is the Alliance?
Maria Yfantidis (Farmer) ; on Primary production, Fruit and vegetable
Peter Manual (Farmer) F.L.A.G Australia spokesperson; on, farmers rights and the NRM
Greg Morcom (lawyer); on Law and order
Sharon Hollamby (lobbyist); Gambling reform
Jenny Bell (lobbyist); on Patriotism & the current direction of Australia
Sconey Forest (lobbyist) Forgotten Australians; on Wards of state and child protection
Louis Szondy (journalist); on international politics and media
Scott  Witu (political candidate); On unity

Emma Dawson (Activist); on Animal welfare

Alec Krickie (lobbyist); on Veteran affairs

Alex  (Activist); on Intervention in Australia’s governance by overseas interests.


Many budding experienced candidates, sitting and past members of parliament and lobbyists also came along in support, but time ran out to let them all speak, they included experts on; Politics, Water, Fluoride, Hemp, Aboriginal affairs, Health care, Local councils, Agenda 21, etc.


The public launch is to be held on the 1st of December at the “Adelaide convention centre” from 4.00 pm, afternoon tea is included at $15 per head, professional filming of the night is arranged and the media will be invited, unfortunately speakers will be limited to around 12, with questions from the floor.


“The alliance is all about a platform to help educate the people and their representatives, so we will utilise; You Tube, Social networks, Independent media, letter boxes and word of mouth, using the Logo as promotional tool.”


Welcome to country will also be accompanied my Willy Didji, who will also cover entertainment in the break with his art of the didgeridoo.


Topics to be covered include;


  • Farmers and Land owners & the National resource management.
  • Animal welfare
  • Democratic reform
  • Health care
  • Law and order
  • Aboriginal sovereignty
  • What is the Australian Alliance
  • International relations and journalism
  • Agenda 21
  • Veteran affairs
  • WorkCover reform
  • The constitution of Australia
  • Gambling reform
  • And many more


The speakers list will be finalised by around the 12th November 2013.


The Alliance is not just about the problems, but the answers and how we can all make a difference, by working together as a community organisation.


We are not just after experts, we need people that want to help others, and that can work united to ensure our nations and our children’s future at every level of society.