QLD becoming the police state of Australia


QLD is leading the world in abhorrent laws, now the new laws passed to deal with the G20 summit in QLD next year show the true direction for civil liberties in Australia

Police Minister Jack Dempsey says people living inside special security zones in Brisbane and Cairns will be barred from their homes and given up to $200 to stay elsewhere if they are identified as a risk by federal authorities.

The G20 bill passed by the state parliament late on Tuesday, approved payments covering accommodation for those with a criminal background, plus their dependents.

In a massive list of items prohibited in the security zones between November 14 and 17 next year include eggs, a bag of flour, manure, kites, surfboards, canoes, kayaks, toy cars and model aircraft as examples

Weapons including longbows and slingshots will also be banned, and get this “reptiles, insects or other animal capable of causing physical harm if released”.

Background checks would be based on local and international intelligence and would affect anyone with a criminal history or those that have attended rallies or protests in the past.

The offenders need not have past offences in the state of Queensland.

“We are expecting 99 per cent of people will be able to go freely once they have had their crim history checked,” reporters were told by police on Wednesday.

“If there are people who the authorities think will put the operation at risk, those people will be advised that they will not be able to go into those restricted areas.”

Australian Council for Civil Liberties president Terry O’Gorman said the removals seemed extreme; the Australian Alliance has also raised issues with the new laws and their impact on civil liberties.

“If you have a conviction for a terrorist offence then that may be a justification,” but to include any person with criminal history which may include traffic offences, then these laws have stepped well over the mark.

If one has an undefined criminal history and is then moved from their homes for the G20, that is not the type of actions we need in this country.

Officials have used previous G20s in Toronto in 2010 and Russia this year as their guide.

The new laws, which are to lapse after the summit, make it easier for officers to strip search and arrest troublemakers, the issue here is how we define trouble makers.

New offences for actions such as disrupting meetings and crossing barriers have also been created.

Mr Dempsey the police minister said police could detain people if they had reasonable suspicions a crime may be committed.

The Police went on to say “We are making sure that obviously the rights and liberties of the community are protected, in that people will be able to protest but, protest in a way that does not bring fear or apprehension to other people who are here visiting from the G20.”

People do indeed have a right to protest, as well as to feel safe in the community, but these laws tread too heavily on the rights and liberties of everyone.

The ideal police can come through a person home, removing eggs, flour and even surfboards, is ridiculous, let alone restrict people from entering their own homes.

Other recent laws in QLD resulted in police asked to break the law, mandatory sentencing regardless of criminal actions, intimidation of the innocent, association laws, laws that keep a person from their home or business et al.

It seems QLD is becoming the police state of Australia, where the rights and freedoms of the people, now come second to parliament and the corporate sector, a very frightening direction for all Australians.

Mark Aldridge


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5 Responses to “QLD becoming the police state of Australia”

  1. Jon Fletcher Says:

    Hi Mark, I would have no doubt that these “laws” won’t be entered legally into law, making the police force just another criminal organisation. The Constitution IS the law and the criminals proposing these new “laws” need to be and should be prosecuted 🙂 cheerz Jonno

  2. 1vimana1 Says:

    Dear Readers,
    Queensland has now it seems become more than just a Police State it has now become the NEO NAZI STATE. This is a disgrace.

    It’s time to kick this weak Queensland Government out off Office and retrain the police there to firstly understand what their duty is.
    It is actually to uphold the law which is about protecting the public and not acting as Bully-Boys to arrest anyone at all, unless that person or persons actually break The Law, which does not include having eggs and or flour or slings or gings or long bows and arrows or guns or any weapons at home. Such weapons are quite legal so long as they are licenced and that includes cross-bows and quarrels, that is the arrows for cross-bows as well as domestic tools and kitchen knives and forks and spoons.

    I say that if one takes away fire-arms etc., from the people, then the people have become SHEEP. I say pistols and guns and long-bows and arrows etc., are so long as they are licenced.

    In some ways Queensland has become a Nanny State. What next? How are Queenslanders going to cut up their Fruit and vegetables, with a fork and spoon ?.

    No folks ! I say kick out all of these Queenslander Police and train up new ones who respect the common people whom they are legally responsible to “LOOK AFTER,” and serve and not use as punching bags, and or targets to be bludgeoned with batons etc. Who wants to have another Police State like that which existed under that seeming to have been old Joe Bjyelkie Peterson’s really repressive Nazi Like Reign of Terror on all Queenslanders.

    I say….. ” Get rid of your USELESS NAZI Government and it’s also seeming now still to be Bully Boy Police Force where one needs a dopey Erlaubniss Brief, or Letter of Authority to join a March of Peaceful Civil Disobedience, which are your ACTUAL COMMON LAW RIGHTS, in what is supposed to be a Democratic Society.

    Don’t let these Nazi Acting Politicians and a now seeming to be Police State rule your lives, as the next thing is total domination and Fema Camps for all of you, as being planned and soon to happen in America, if this now seeming to be Queensland Police State get their way.

    You can win with, I stress…….Peaceful Opposition Marches against Tyranny, The French did it in 1789 with the French Revolution and so can you.

  3. Alex Says:

    My personaly favourite of the restricted items list is “anything that is not a weapon which can be used to cause harm to another”.

    So I guess I’ll be cutting off my hands and feet before entering Brisbane then?

    The act also says certain parts of it will be continuing for 12 months after the G20 is over.

    *sigh* I weep for the future of Queensland and Australia.

  4. Paul Martin Says:

    Back in the 1950’s the Lobor Party abolished the Qld Upper House; so there goes the major checks & balances of unrighteous laws. Now, with the present Gov. having so many seats, they can do what ever they want! There needs to be a return of the Upper House just like all the other states, (& Federal’s) have. Paul M.

  5. Graham Croome Says:

    How on earth have we let the state government slowly but surely take away all our civil liberties. I always thought the police had adequate laws in place to take on criminals without adding ill conceived and possibly draconian laws to criminalise a previously legal group of citizens. OK the bikies have a criminal element but so do politicians.
    Surely adding prison time to bikies involved with crime and locking them up for 23 out of 24 hours must breach civil rights and must be a form of discrimination.
    How do we get law and order restored that doesn’t destroy civil liberties.

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