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HALAL Certification Australia, what is it all about?

April 7, 2015
What is Halal certification and what does it cost the consumer.
A full list of Halal certified produces in Australia is linked below, there are also thousands of other products that are Halal compliant
Another list here, also covers items that contain Halal certified produce, in fact the more I dig, the larger this list becomes
Unlike the older and more complex Kashrut (Jewish dietary laws) designed to serve the small observant Jewish community, Halal certification schemes are widely imposed on non-Muslims. 
Certification schemes began in the 1980s and are funded by consumers through a multi-level system of one off and recurring fees, paid by suppliers to Islamic organisations.
It can easily be described as a hidden Islamic tax on goods and services in Australia, and it continues to grow beyond its original intention, only going to prove this statement.
The extent of this Islamic ‘tax’ becomes clear when we understand who contributes to these schemes:
·         All four major dairy companies
·         Over 75% of poultry suppliers
·         Over 60% of abattoirs processing sheep
·         More than 50% of abattoirs processing cattle
·         Most General producers like Simplot, Unilever, Nestle, Kraft, the list is long indeed.
The global market for halal-certified products and services is estimated to be worth more than USD2.3 trillion, expanding by 20% per year. These schemes are not limited to food alone, with products and services ranging from halal certified cosmetics to water, trucks, warehousing and sharia finance there is no limit to the schemes. Plans are in place to certify every step of the market from suppliers of animal feed, to food processing and eventually the transport to your supermarket and even shopping bags, affecting us in the same way an increase in GST would for instance.
One of the issues that arose whole collating this information is that many companies are facing intimidation to become certified, and not one of those that relayed this message were willing to have that fact made public, in fact several websites and writers are presently being sued for defamation, for even writing on the issue of Halal in Australia, so it has become a very powerful movement.
Companies who believe non-Muslims do not care, pass on the extra cost to consumers. Few products are labelled as certified halal, when in fact most meat and dairy produce bought in supermarkets, or when eating out, are now halal certified for a fee.
I can find no other religious groups or lobby groups imposing such a broad, tax-like scheme on the supply chain anywhere else in the world.
Halal in its strict sense ought only involve meat. Much of the non-meat food supply is intrinsically halal, and thus does not require certification, including milk, honey, fish, vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts and grains. Yet many producers and suppliers of such products are still paying for halal certification through lobby group pressure and export control.
White milk does not need to be certified. They don’t mark their labels and now many companies are removing the certificates from their website because of negative feedback, further undermining free choice ”Purina Fancy Feast cat food is now on the list of halal-certified foods which makes no sense to me at all, having never met a religious animal.
We even find Easter eggs with Halal certification, yet those following the Muslim religion, do not celebrate Easter, begging the question “Why are Easter eggs Halal”
For a product to be Halal, it must be as a whole, and in part:
  • ·         Free from any substance taken or extracted from a Haram animal or ingredient (e.g. pigs, dogs, carnivorous animals, animals not slaughtered in compliance with Islamic rites);
  • ·         Made, processed, manufactured and/or stored by using utensils, equipment and/or machinery that has been cleaned according to Islamic law (e.g. not cleaned with alcohol); and
  • ·         Free from contact with, or being close to, a Haram substance during preparation, manufacture, processing and storage (e.g. blood, alcohol, poisonous and intoxicating plants and insects such as worms and cockroaches).
Animal welfare and Halal
Australia was quick to amend its animal welfare laws to entertain Halal slaughter methods, under a proviso that all animals are stunned before slaughter, this point was agreed to by the Muslim community initially, but as Muslim slaughter men were the only ones allowed to conduct halal slaughter, things started to change.
Stunning started to be ignored, and when the government officials questioned this, the Muslim lobbyists fought back, resulting in exemptions being granted in secret by our own government
All around Australia today and in growing numbers are abattoirs that are permitted to slaughter in the Halal method with-out stunning, letting the animal bleed to death slowly, in total ignorance of all animal welfare legislation and protections.
When our government pander to such requests by allowing exemptions to minority groups that undermine national law, it becomes obvious that open public debate has become necessary.
When one tries to follow the money, all links are down, hidden or deceptive, painting a picture of secrecy, one of the people at the top of the Halal certification chain in Australia that appears to know what is going on is,  Mr Mohamed El-Mouhley, when interviewed by Today Tonight, his replies were arrogant to say the least;
“If you don’t want to eat halal: Live on Pork and wine, because even water is halal”
 Going on to say;
“You are eating halal day and night, When you go to Woolworths you’re eating halal. When you go to Coles you are eating halal. When you go to Franklins you are eating halal”

The dismissive attitude of Mr El-Mouhley to the rights of Australian consumers, is typical of worldwide lobbying trends used by Muslim leaders as they expand across the globe, which undermines our democratic process, something already openly shunned by most practicing Muslims.
The point that makes a Mockery of all this, is the very fact that the Koran (The Book) does not dictate any of this, where a simple prayer before eating/cooking is allowed.
There are lots of things I prefer in life, like all Australians there are many things we would prefer, changes we would like to see,  the only reason we don’t get what we want, is because we have no voice, our representatives can’t hear us.
It is this issue that divides us, not a minority’s religious beliefs, and one that makes clear, putting a side our national identity from the immigration debate, is a failure.
The Halal issue has come about for several reasons,  firstly the Muslims have learned to lobby well, even playing the race card, where this is religious issue, not a race based one. 
The more they lobby, the larger their income becomes, and our government only fear well-funded lobby groups and their corporate sponsors, rather than the people, simply because they have become accustomed to controlling electoral results though structural biases, rather than needing to inspire the electorate through genuine representation.
I have no objection to religious observance, the freedom of religion protected by our constitution, but that is not what we are seeing here, this is all about giving an inch and taking a mile, rather than equity of any form, Australians ought not be forced to financially support a minority, nor should they forgo their own rights of free choice simply because their representatives are ignorant.
Any minority group will do their best to provide for their communities, but I suspect this issue is bigger than that, as Muslim immigration has so many more facets that this one issue, but in every respect, it all goes back to democracy, where the majority ought to rule, not the best funded or the loudest.
Yes I kept it short and sweet, if you need more info, Google away, I left out photos, because they all offended me.
Mark Aldridge

Muslim immigration “Australia” what went wrong?

April 6, 2015


The Muslim debate

I have avoided any debate that brings with it division in the community, or belittles a person based on their race, the colour of their skin, or the religion they chose to follow, because I am not racist and my heart felt ideals regarding religious tolerance have always been fair and equitable.

The problem is every time I post an article that opens the door to such debate, even though I have posted a certain question, the debate ends up heading in a different direction.

In or about 2007, as leader of a political party at the time, I was asked to write a senate submission on Multiculturalism, while studying to write the submission, I read articles from all over the world, and even went as far as reading the Koran, in an attempt to ensure my article was an educated one.

The one thing I noticed when studying the facts and figures, particularly from countries like the UK, France, was that where multiculturalism had been a previous success, it was starting to fail, and in each case, that failure was being blamed on those practicing the Muslim religion.

Multiculturalism in today’s world is only a success with it is based on integration, where a person immigrates to a new country and embraces the values and benefits of that move, where they bring with them their culture and social values and work with the host nation to become a part of the social change that grows from within.

It fails when a person immigrates to a new country, yet does not wish to embrace that nation’s national identity, expecting the host nation to change its ways to suit their agenda.

Common-sense would dictate a person best not attempt to immigrate to a nation that has values or laws that go against their own beliefs, when this fact is ignored, problems arise, yet the problem is not the result of the actions of those immigrating, it is the actions of lack of, by the host nations decision makers.

Multiculturalism fails, when the host nation does not maintain a strong national identity, more so when they do not ensure that new arrivals to their shores understand that their nation’s laws, values and freedoms are not negotiable, other than the usual change through a secure, free and informed democratic process.

So here is my position, not as a politician, but as an Australian who by my actions have proven my love for my country and the long term future of its people.

I will say from the onset that I am well-travelled, I have a diverse groups of friends and followers from a large variety of back grounds, I have friends from all over the world that have shaped who I am, the one issue that rarely arises is each individuals religious beliefs, when relaxing with friends, issues of the heart or the bedroom are rarely the topic of discussion, even those I know call themselves Muslim, or those that adopt same sex partners for instance.

Today’s Australia was built on Christian values, our law, our system of democratic process, our education system, starting from the writing of our constitution onwards, and as much as I do not devote myself to the same Christian background, I do respect each individual’s personal choice, and I have enjoyed those idealisms that have grown from our foundations.

As Australia has grown, we have embraced multiculturalism, and we are a richer nation as a result, where those lines have been blurred in recent times, is when those that emigrate here, refuse to  show tolerance for our ways, yet expect us to continue to show tolerance for theirs.

I back the idea that our laws, our legislative progression, are guided by social change, what I cannot support is when our laws, our values and our national identity are being undermined in favour of a minority, or when we are expected to change our ways overnight to appease new arrivals on our shores.

One major example of this is our animal welfare laws, which have changed with the ideals and needs of society as a whole. We as a nation tried to adapt to entertain the religious ideals of the Muslim religion, by debating their position and integrating their ideals into our animal welfare standards. Yet now we see exemptions from those rules, exemptions that undermine the standards expected by our community in general, exemptions that allow non-stunned slaughter for instance, which also goes to undermine our democratic process.

Democracy is another, our nation is built on the premise that the people rule, (Demos-cratos) and we are free to elect our representatives, our system is far from perfect, but for any person wishing to migrate to our country, one would expect that they support the current system, and as with every law of the land, embrace them all, as one of the reasons we are the nation they have chosen to move their family’s to.

I for one would not chose to immigrate to a country that’s laws and social values were not in-line with my own, I certainly would not expect any nation to allow me entry, then to change to suit my ideals or to ignore the wishes of the majority.

The Muslim population of Australia is only a small minority, around 2%, even so. they do have every right to be involved in the social change and the future direction of our nation. The problem is that some of the stronger voices in the Muslim community expect more than their fair share of the input.

Their opposition to our Christian heritage is out of harmony with a fair go and any idea of equity, with pressure applied to retail stores and our education system that undermine existing Australians rights to celebrate their own religious beliefs.

If the position was reversed and we visited their country of origin, and demanded they stop celebrating their religious beliefs, there would be uproar, so one must wonder why we should be expected to change our ways, or be denied our religions freedoms in the very nation that was built around us.

Our nation has laws regarding animal welfare, we have laws that relate to equality, we have electoral laws, we have certain freedoms and liberties, that took years to shape, not one of these ought to be cast aside to suit a minority ever, yet here we are allowing these values to be undermined, so as to not offend a minority, and that is neither equitable or could be considered as a fair go for anyone involved.

Australia has a very strong national identity, so best our representatives remember that, we have rules, laws, certain freedoms, equalities and certain holidays and celebrations, these are not negotiable as they stand, other than by way of democratic review, so if any person decides to join us as a nation, best they understand this fact before they are allowed to stay.

The Muslim issue, if there really is one, is not the fault of those who immigrate here, it is the fault of our government, because in a democracy the majority rule, we are a democratic nation and we are a tolerant nation, and always have been. I have no problem what so ever with people immigrating here, regardless of their religious beliefs, what I do have a problem with is our government hearing the voice of the minority over the roar of the majority.

We all scream out for what we want in life, we try so hard to get our supposed representatives to listen to what we want, and the Muslims are no different, the problem is they are being heard over the majority, they are better funded through the income they receive from Halal certification, which is also a huge job creator for their own people and like most lobbyists they use everything at their disposal, including the race card.

The fact is, this perceived problem, like every problem this nation has, is the result of the slow erosion of our system of democracy, our representatives no longer hear nor fear we the people, they now only bow to the well-funded lobby groups and the corporations that fund them.

The only issue we have in this nation, is the fact our leaders and our representatives have lost their way, they are so far removed from those they ought to represent, they no longer have the ability to genuinely represent, because if they did, those immigrating here, would not expect more rights than those enjoyed by the majority.

Until we can restore our democratic system to a stage where the genuine free and informed will of the people reigns supreme, we will continue to lose the once fine label of “The Lucky country”

While our political parties have control of both electoral law, most of the media, and so much of the electoral process, change is not on the horizon, so it is here at the corner stone of society that change is most needed, when the people get their heads around this, and start voting in a more informed manner, only then will we again take a step in the right direction.


Mark Aldridge

South Australian government destroys their own Aquifers.

April 4, 2015
The destruction of the “Great Artesian Basin” by the SA State Labor party

Back in late 2000, a series of events took place with in Adelaide’s water supply, in fact so much has been happening in recent times, I thought it worthy of exposing all this, as the media and the government appear to think it is none of our business.

Government websites were closed, links go missing, legislation changed, the corporate sector empowered, while we are asked to use less and pay more, while the truth is swept under the rug.

From secret pipe lines, secrecy agreements, water theft, the dodgy desal plant, free access grants, to large supplies being sold to foreign investment were all kept quiet, empowering the government to step so far over the line, their mere existence is reliant on the people either never finding out, or being so apathetic, they will never be held to account.
I will skip to the now, where the government are about to destroy our very best source of water, the great artesian basin.
For so many years I have fought to better utilise this resource, using the expertise of Colin Pitman and the very successful “Salisbury Wetlands project” to cleanse storm and rain water and use our massive natural aquifer system for term storage, this debate was underway well before the concept of the desal plant, but those that fund Labors campaigns, had more interest in the money winning infrastructure projects, than any concept of affordable clean water that would accompany habitat restoration and embrace environmental empowerment.
The government as of this week (starting 7/4/2015), fully intend to start pumping reclaimed sewerage water into our aquifer, water labelled “Not safe for drinking”. So how unsafe is it?
The government’s own website is clear, “The recycled water is suitable for landscaping, dust suppression and some infrastructure construction activities, toilet flushing, washing cars, managed irrigation, and other household garden and municipal uses. It is not suitable for human consumption.”
Many of our plains producers refused for many very good reasons to irrigate with this recyled water, now every one of them will have no choice, neither will consumers.
About 87,000 chemicals with potential long term effects and potential endocrine disrupting effect on future generations have been identified by the United States Environment Protection Agency and are potentially present in sewage water. Tests for these chemicals are yet to be developed and the long term effect on humans even in minute doses even, is not known.

The problem here is that most research relating to treated effluent in major water supplies is based on a much better grade and treatment regime, so the government are going to inject water of a quality they already know is not safe.
All this because of what you are not meant to know, they let their mates suck the aquifers dry, which resulted in growers needing to drop new bores deeper in search of water, so now rather than stop, what should be known as illegal access, they simply top it up with treated sewerage water, because that’s all the construction industry need, as usual forgetting our farmers and producers, or the concept of clean safe produce for we the people.

Australian Professor John Aitken is recognised as an international expert on reproductive health, his research suggests that phenolic oestrogenic by-products that are often in reused drinking water could damage the male sperm line with resultant cancers. He says “testing should be done for the removal of these products from drinking water, especially from recycled water” the problem here is this water is only purified by DAFF filtration through skimming, think about that. full reports are found here.

There is a host of research that goes against the ideal of even using this water for irrigation, here is a brief extract from the Australian Academy of Science news release 7 April 1998. “Is there something in our water?”

“There are significant levels of the female hormone, estrogen in some sewage outfalls. In inland Australia, this water is returned to water for irrigation, stock and drinking.” “The health risk of these very low levels of hormone is still a matter of heated scientific debate.”

In London in 1994, Dr. Jean Ginsberg from Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine in London headed a scientific research project that linked decreasing sperm counts to men living in the Thames water supply area. The research investigated, “the disturbing trend in the past 50 years of decreasing sperm count and seminal volume and the concomitant increase in cryptorchidism (undescended testes) and testicular cancer which have been attributed to oestrogenic environmental pollution.”

“So in brief the science on supposedly potable water extracted from sewerage plants has inherent dangers, so to use treated sewerage water that is already un-safe to drink, and pump it into our largest water catchment, is a very, very, bad decision indeed. (notes and further links available at the end of this article).”
I will not apologise to the Labor party for letting the cat out of the bag, because I have been doing this for over a decade, and only once have the media covered it, and in any event, after the one story aired, the people, or was it Labor themselves that re-elected themselves through dodgy electoral conduct, were elected for another term, so I can assume people are happy with Labors actions, well at least 40% of them.

If you decide to read on, I will continue with a very brief overview of how the South Australian Labor party has treated our water rescores since early 2000.

When the Labor party took power on the swing of the Liberal Independent Peter Lewis, legislative reform was immediate, previous government sites on water were taken down, and legislation was passed allowing those in the corporate sector to take as much water they liked without charge from any resource.

While passing this legislation, new laws were brought in to stop us using water, do you remember washing your car or having to water your garden with a bucket, the 2 minute shower, this progressed to a massive increase in the cost of water to deter us the people using it.

The lead up to these horrendous decisions was 27 years of inaction, in articles I wrote back then, I covered the fact that future water storage and any increase in supply for our growing population was on the back burner. In an expose I worked on with Today Tonight, we found Labors corporate mates, dropping bores and using as much as they could pump out of our Aquifers, without even being bothered to meter their use. “While we were still on restrictions”, Labor gave their corporate sponsors free access across the board.

Then there was the expose on the Desalination Plant, that never went to air, the plant that buggered up, and even when the contractors breached set completion times, were paid massive bonuses, and yet no mention ever that a massive drill bit still remains lodged in the main intake pipe, but that does not even matter, over 1 billion dollars for a plant that doesn’t even work, will bother no one, if they never use it, you will never know.

I took to the river to do some research, only to find Chinese investors going up and down our mighty Murray, looking for the largest pump stations and buying up the land they were attached to, finding secret Labor party inspired pipe lines running water direct to even more self-interest, every property this pipeline crossed, resulted in the property owners contracted to secrecy clauses, to ensure no one was to find out.

I will refrain from listing everything I found, so as to keep this short and sweet.

As I doubt this “from memory” article will reach many readers, I will keep it this short, but for those who actually care about this nation’s future and the future health of their grandchildren, it only takes a few hours to research my statements or find my older articles.

The government are far from finished, after they have raped every cent out of “Our” water supply, they will sell the lot, and we will be left paying through the nose for water, to foreign governments, and the quality of that water will no longer be safe to drink or irrigate the produce we eat.

Mark M Aldridge, community advocate.

The Government websites are missing all the really important links, but this is what you can easily find, and this in itself, goes nowhere near backing their actions, but trust me, the truth and common-sense never gets in the way of their actions, because common-sense in no longer all that common.

Water Treatment – Dissolved Air Flotation and Filtration
The Dissolved Air Filtration Floatation (DAFF) Plant was funded by SA Water
(approximately $30 Million cost) and constructed to reduce wastewater discharge to the
marine environment and provide water of a suitable quality for irrigation through the
Virginia Pipeline Scheme. United Water operates the DAFF plant, which was constructed
during 1998 and 1999.
A DAFF treatment process was selected as the most economic solution to achieve the
required treated water quality and quantity following a review of options and a pilot plant
The treated product water is meant to meet a range of quality criteria set by the SA Department
of Human Services, SA EPA and SA Water, including:
• Turbidity < 10 Nephelometric turbidity units (NTU) for a 24-hour average;
• Salinity < 1500mg/l over 12-hour average;
• E. coli < 40 / 100ML with monthly median < 10 / 100ML ;
• pH between 6.5 and 8.5;
• No cryptosporidium detected in treated water; and
• Various chemical parameter limits such as soluble BOD, heavy metals and pesticides.

Key potential health risks
Microbial pathogens in wastewater from sewage effluent are the major concern for human health when recycling water. The major groups of pathogens are:

Bacteria (e.g. Escherichia coli, Salmonella spp)
Viruses (e.g. Enteroviruses, Rotavirus, Hepatitis A)
Protozoa (e.g. Giardia Lamblia, Cryptosporidium parvum)
Helminths (e.g. Taenia spp (Tapeworm), Ancylostoma spp (Hookworm))

Key potential environmental risks
Some of the common environmental risks from recycled water include:

A chronic problem which needs to be managed in all irrigation systems. Can result in reduced plant growth and plant damage and can impact on freshwater plants and invertebrates in natural ecosystems if discharged directly with little dilution. Most common salts are sodium chloride

Excess sodium in recycled water can cause soil dispersion/swelling, reducing water infi ltration on heavier textured soils. This can be difficult to remedy.

Can be toxic to some plants if it accumulates in soils from ongoing irrigation. More important as a omponent of salinity and sodicity.

Can be toxic to plants if sprayed directly on leaves, and if it accumulates in soils from ongoing irrigation, but is usually more important as a component of salinity.

Mostly of benefit to cultivated plants, but can cause eutrophication (excessive nutrient levels) in land and aquatic ecosystems.

Mostly of benefit to cultivated plants, but can cause eutrophication (excessive nutrient levels) in land and aquatic ecosystems.

Chlorine residuals
By-products of disinfection processes may be harmful to aquatic or marine ecosystems if discharged directly with little dilution.

Hydraulic loading
Too much water applied to land can result in excess groundwater recharge, water logging and secondary salinity.

Plant toxicity may arise in some plants in some soils if it accumulates from ongoing irrigation.

Some organic and inorganic surface active agents from detergents can remain in recycled water and be harmful to some aquatic organisms.
Other risks which ought to require monitoring
A broad range of chemicals have been identified as having the potential to alter normal endocrine function in animals, i.e. endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs). At this stage, there is no evidence that environmental exposure to low levels of potential EDCs (potentially present in recycled water) affects human health because of the relatively low exposure.

However, ongoing monitoring is required to ensure good risk management. Pharmaceutical chemicals and their metabolites, potentially found in recycled water, raise similar issues to EDCs (above). Health impacts from pharmaceuticals should also be minimal because of the relatively low exposure. However, ongoing monitoring is required to ensure good risk management. 


April 2, 2015
Rymil Park South Australia 3 May 2015
9.00 am until 3.00 pm
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To raise awareness for all those community run animal shelters, Sanctuary’s and rescue organisations on the front line of animals rescue and rehabilitation. 

It will be a day of special events, to showcase the great work of compassionate animal carers in this state, to raise awareness and funding for the much needed growth in the industry.
The event is open to all animal lovers, to show off their rescue babies, thank the rescuers and foster carers that fend for for them. There will be speeches, games and competitions on the day for both humans and their owners.

Most of Adelaide’s no kill shelters, sanctuary’s and rescue groups will have displays on the day, with galleries showcasing what they do, the animals they work with and those that are up for adoption.
“Those on the front line of animal rescues and re-homing ought never be forgotten”

In Adelaide like most states of Australia these smaller organisations and foster carers re-home more animals than the big names in the Industry, with by far the best results for the animals they handle.
Voices of the animals, awareness rally, Voices of the Animal s annual event 2015, Animal welfare South Australia, ACAR, Australian combined animal rescue, Funding animal rescue, Native animal rescue, promoting No Kill ethics, Saving Pets, Saving Animals, United animal rescue, The perfect Pet, Subsidized animal desexing, Raising awareness in Animal Welfare,  voices of the animals 2015, Animal rescue, No Kill shelters SA, Emergency animal rescue SA, Rymil Park rally, million paws walk 2015, million paws walk 2015 SA, animal welfare rallies, Mark Aldridge, Changing direction, Voting for animal welfare, Live export,  Moorook animal shelter, RSPCA SA donations,
“Animal welfare is much bigger than one charity”

The idea of the event goes beyond showcasing the very best in animal rescue and rehabilitation services, to the important networking required to improve those services, funding and de-sexing initiatives, with a discussion on emergency disaster coordination.

Genuine compassion and empathy in animal welfare is best achieved with education, support services and a nationally united approach, rather than putting all our eggs in the RSPCA basket.

There is no longer room in animal welfare for division or self interest!
Those attending are asked to ensure they bring all their loved ones, including their furbabies, picnic baskets and settle in for a relaxed day in dedication of the animals, with a variety of entertainment, animal related products, services and children’s activities.
Voices of the animals, awareness rally, Voices of the Animal s annual event 2015, Animal welfare South Australia, ACAR, Australian combined animal rescue, Funding animal rescue, Native animal rescue, promoting No Kill ethics, Saving Pets, Saving Animals, United animal rescue, The perfect Pet, Subsidized animal desexing, Raising awareness in Animal Welfare,  voices of the animals 2015, Animal rescue, No Kill shelters SA, Emergency animal rescue SA, Rymil Park rally, million paws walk 2015, million paws walk 2015 SA, animal welfare rallies, Mark Aldridge, Changing direction, Voting for animal welfare, Live export,  Moorook animal shelter, RSPCA SA donations, For trade bookings and registrations, please contact Dave Cook on 0409929070  or for
Media feedback and interviews; Mark Aldridge on 0403379500