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Salisbury fruit bowl reply

August 22, 2015

Salisbury fruit bowls on line post, my reply is in angled writing.

Australia is a civilised country and its people are protected by its laws.

Farm direct has passed all the laws to exist, each stall holder must supply ABN’s, Insurances and pass council and state government food handling legislation, so we should be protect by this countries laws

From the beginning of this situation, up until this point, I have only wanted the problem between you and I to be solved civilly and squarely based on the laws. However, due to your mother’s role as the Mayor of Salisbury I do not regard the city council’s arbitration decision as an impartial one.

So you are saying that my mother the Major has broken the law and interfered with due process, that is a serious accusation, something you have shown a tendency to do over the past few months, slandering the good name of my markets, my stall holders and no my mother.

The law would without doubt find you guilty of slander, this is called liable, and is not legal in this country, so going back to your first comment, should we be protected by our laws from your abuse of them?

I feel on this issue I need a judgement from a court, as this would be impartial. If the judge decides that you are right and you can stay, I will abide by the court’s decision.

A panel of experts made a decision, based on the facts, and made a unanimous decision to back the markets new location, and in our old location we also passed scrutiny of the law.

After applying for a court review of this matter, in my opinion, you have used many cowardly, despicable and underhanded tactics and manoeuvres to incite your online followers to take action against our business. There have also been personal attacks on the credibility of our family and employees. We have multiple documented occasions of your online insults and harassments towards us and our business.

Now once again you are taking liberty with the truth, you posted a document on line for thousands to see, that accused our markets and its stall holders of being criminals, with out proof of any kind, you then ask for my reply, which I posted, you then removed my reply (I have copies of all the replies) and mine was fair and answered your questions.

You also wish to shut out markets, so your words and actions attack many small farms and businesses and thousands of loyal customers, so they came to your site to express themselves, that has nothing to do with myself or our markets management, you reaps what you sew.

In my belief, it is very shameful for people to act in these rude, untactful ways, especially on the basis of fabricated information.

I have never once fabricated information, and the people that posted in reply to your words on your page on your request, were all removed, leaving for some time (I have copies) nasty words from yourself and some nasty internet trolls, abusive and vile comments regarding myself and my staff and stall holders, of which you allowed to remain on your page, very very unprofessional indeed.

I would prefer it if I could only deal with upstanding, law-abiding people, however this is seeming to be impossible in this situation. If you cease and desist this online and personal bullying and assault of our business and personal characters, I have decided I will no longer pursue legal action. However, if you continue in these ways I will be left with no choice other than to see you in court.

Again you seems to take liberty with the truth, as soon as I was made aware you had any issue with our market, may I say after 3 years of operating without a compliant from you, I came straight to your shop to sort this out in a professional and adult manner, I spoke with your staff who seemed very nice, and also bumped into a few good friends while I was there, and I offered to work with you in any way I could. I then phoned again to speak with you as you had not returned calls, and you said “I have lots of money and I will spend what I have to close you down, not once did you offer to meet and see if we could overcome any issues you had. (I have audio of the conversation) as I like to be able to evidence my words, I am not a liar.

Your issue and you agreed with me, was with the new market at my old Parafield site, so why have you not taken it up with them, why attack us, you post words without honour, yet those that know us both speak highly of you as a business man, a genuine man would have met with me, and at least tried to work together, your actions have consequences, yet you try to blame me for them.

I never intended to hurt you or your business in any way, my advice to you is the same I give anyone on any topic, go with your heart, sit and listen to your inner voice, you know the truth, we all do, I suspect you have been listening to words from other people, who only have their own best interests in mind, not yours, me, I am still more than happy to meet with you, but your actions over the past few weeks, will not make the way forward as easy as it could have been.

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