Concerns Notice Debra Tranter

9th April 2014


Debra Tranter

Dear Debra

This letter is a Concerns notice for the purposes of section 14 of the Defamation Act 2005 (the Act).

Over the past few years, you have defamed my good name, which is the tort of defamation contrary to the Act as well as a criminal defamation contrary to section 257 of the Criminal Law Consolidation Act of 1935.

Hundreds of posts by you on social networking and Twitter dating from Late 2013 up until April 2014 (the publications) have defamed my person.

You are the author of the publications. You have identified me in your publications.

The publications make defamatory and malicious allegations about me, which are untrue.

The publications convey the imputation or meaning that;

  1. I am involved at a personal level with a paedophile.
  2. That I support animal abuse.
  3. That I support animal abusers.
  4. That I shoot animals.
  5. That I support paedophiles and child abusers.
  6. That electors that vote for me are Puppy farmers, animal abusers and Pedos.
  7. That I support and defend child pornography
  8. I arrange lawyers to defend puppy farms.

These imputations are defamatory and false. I have had a long standing career as an honest business man and have worked tirelessly to support the community. I have spent many years gaining the trust of the community whom at the time I wished to represent. Your defamation of my good name has had massive consequences to my good name and the years I have invested as a political candidate.

My wife and I run a wildlife sanctuary and are involved in animal rescue and rehabilitation, I am also a long standing advocate for children in need, so your false statements are a deliberate attempt to undermine my life’s work.

Your publications have constituted a malicious falsehood designed to inflict financial harm and to damage my reputation. The community regards with revulsion those who commit or support such atrocities. Needless to say, the damage caused by your publications are serious and ongoing.

In an effort to avoid litigation of a serious nature, I invite you to make an offer to make amends as follows;

  1. Publish an immediate retraction of the allegations and an apology in the terms enclosed on your twitter account, your face book page and all Face book pages and websites associated with Oscars law. (copy below)
  2. Remove all defamatory posts written by you relating to me where ever they are published.
  3. Make a financial payment of $20,000 for compensation.


If the invitation to make an offer to make amends is not complied with, within 14 days of receiving this letter, I will issue proceedings in the Adelaide Magistrates Court without further notice seeking;

  1. An interim order requiring the removal of all defamatory publications
  2. An apology
  3. Damages by way of compensation for the injury to my reputation, injury to my feelings and to vindicate me for having been publicly defamed, not limited to the present request for compensation.
  4. All legal costs incurred.

I reserve all my rights in relation to this matter.

Recent legal precedents allow service by internet means, you have been served by Face Book and opened the Message and you are also served by way of Twitter links to this document.


Mark M Aldridge

P O Box 1073 Virginia SA 5120



During the period between October 2013 and April 2014 I published comments on Face Book, Twitter and various other publications regarding Mark Aldridge political candidate and animal welfare advocate. These comments were completely without foundation and I wholly retract them.

I greatly regret any distress or embarrassment that my comments have cause Mr. Aldridge and his family, and I apologise to him and withdraw those comments unreservedly. I acknowledge the good reputation that Mr. Aldridge holds in the community.


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