Australia is already one of the largest donors to foreign aid, yet I wonder how much of that money ever makes it to the people most in need.

I am well-travelled and use my time to help those most in need in Asia, yet I never see Aussie aid, making it to where it was originally destined.

In Australia we have a massive jobs shortage, so why can’t we kill two birds with one stone, by immediately cutting cash aid programs, and invest the savings employing our people to head to those countries in need and offer grass roots support on the ground where it is genuinely needed.

We have great minds and experienced workers, civil construction experts, primary production workers, so on and so on, that can’t find work, so let our nation pay them to educate and support those in need in countries that are lacking in said expertise.

Corruption swallows up most of the cash and grants we send overseas, I know I have seen it first hand, in Indonesia alone, the locals have no access to free health care or even doctors, so where are the billions we donate there actually ending up?

I see the other candidates in Makin calling for increase foreign aid, and suggest they head over seas and look for results; I bet they won’t find any. Most of the great work being performed in the countries that are recipients of hundreds of millions of dollars borrowed and sent there by Australia, are funded directly by compassionate Australian donors.

Aus-Aid itself admits a percentage of all foreign aid goes missing, where is a pertinent question we should all ask.

Most of the poorer nations have little access to fresh potable water, healthy food and very few of them can afford health care and access to free education, so if the tax payers are going to fund these nations, best it be the people in need, not more money for their sometimes corrupt officials.

While we consider all this, lest we forget our own, while we are sending billions of borrowed dollars overseas, one might consider our homeless, our veterans, our vulnerable children on critical waiting lists, but I suspect that is called protectionism, something our politicians now days frown upon, I wonder why.

Never fear change.


Mark Aldridge Independent for Makin…………..a real difference.

08 82847482 / 0403379500


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