2016 ELECTION RESULTS TAINTED, your thoughts on the elections validity?

2016 ELECTION RESULTS, your thoughts on the truth?

no more dodgy elections poster

So far reports of dodgy counting are increasing every day, but the issues with the result are much deeper than simple errors.

The Electoral commission went into the election massively underfunded, they had to provide crash course on electoral law to Centre link workers, who sadly were not ready to perform the task of answering the hundreds of thousands of calls, let alone explain the complex changes to the voters on the other end of the phone.

The funding cuts also affected the amount of polling booths that could be opened, the amount of basic essentials like ballot papers and security of the ballot.

Reports clearly indicate tens of thousands of people missed out on their votes as a result, simply because there were not enough ballot papers where they were needed and AEC figures show a massive 25 to 30% of the vote is missing.

But the issue to take note of is the counting discrepancies, the informal vote is up around 3%, the direct result of those counting the votes and advising voters how to vote, offering and acting on different advice in the booths. Some saying you must mark 1 to 6 above the line, others 1, some saying more than 6 is invalid, which means a complete recount will not even address the issues as voter intent is impossible to quantify.

Casual polling staff are raising a host of issues all over the internet, enough to question the outcome in many seats, even in regards to lower house seats.

In SA the final count in the upper house will fall short on past elections by near 400,000 votes, now that is a massive stain on our democratic process.

Security of the ballot issues started at 3pm on the day of the election with voting results being published, yet the law does not allow ballot boxes to be opened so early, at the boots themselves, tampering with posters and other issues have been exposed all over the country.

Some of the issues may have arisen as a direct result of the major parties being allowed to handle millions of postal ballot applications. Postal workers at my home yesterday exposed massive issues in this respect.

Postal ballot applications must go directly to the commission, but millions were received by voters all over Australia with pre-paid return envelopes that sent their applications and personal details, voting codes and the like to political party head offices.

This issue alone has the ability to undermine millions of applications based on the logistical handling by post office workers.

Reports of two party counting in many booths also are being exposed as ignoring protocol and the laws in place for proper processes as defined by the electoral act itself. Resulting in wrongful outcomes in many seats, so which ever party ends up governing really has no mandate to do so.


Enduring discount democracy is one thing, but accepting the results of a process that has veered so far from the proper electoral provisions, cannot be considered an election at law, and sadly ought to be re-held.

Our common law rights have been abandoned as have our constitutional rights during this flawed process, if we do not demand a new election, we are saying this is all OK, and it will only get worse.

In the 2010 South Australian election over 100,000 votes went astray, as a direct result of missing ballot papers and massive electoral roll discrepancies, the fact nothing was done about it has all but allowed this issue to get worse.

One person missing out on their vote is unacceptable, millions missing out is a travesty, and democracy in Australia deserves more than the acceptance that this flawed result should be upheld.


Mark Aldridge


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4 Responses to “2016 ELECTION RESULTS TAINTED, your thoughts on the elections validity?”

  1. Kym Ford Says:

    Surely this election must be re-run, and next time PROPERLY, not the fascicle joke that IS this recent “election” 😑

  2. Australia Is The People Says:

    Totally unacceptable – the whole process has been made deliberately too complex to favour the “two party preferred”.

  3. Lisa Cole Says:

    I guess lots of people dont want to be made to choose one liar over another to screw us ….

  4. Vivien Hatcher Says:

    Thank you .. You Got the guts to stand up and people the facts.. πŸ™πŸ½πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ€

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