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Mark Aldridge Mayoral candidate for Playford, Calls for more community events.

September 29, 2018


Playford mayoral candidate, Mark Aldridge, calls for development planning changes to combat the demise of local community events.

The whole community love local events, markets and fetes, says Mark Aldridge, they unite neighbourhoods, create an inclusive atmosphere and work to get families out and bout in the City of Playford.

As Playford continues to invest in the big projects, local community events, markets and even church fetes, are becoming all but a fond memory, “something I will change whether I am elected or not”, says Mayoral candidate Mark Aldridge

This problem is three-pronged, Development law itself, local government planning and the application of both, by councils including Playford.

A recent legal precedent I personally fought hard to oppose in the Development court and Supreme court, has determined a trestle table to be a shop, more than one, becomes a group of shops/shopping centre.

This means the use of a trestle table for the display of goods, has become a non-complying development in most locations local events are usually found. The result, the demise of the community events we have all come to love.

It is hard to understand development planning when a temporary market must meet the same procedural requirements that the building of a shopping centre must.

I am still lobbying state parliament for the needed amendments with the support of a few MP’s, until those changes can be brought about, councils like Playford could back me up by considering changes to their development plans.

I presently have an application before the council for one of my Farm Direct community markets for Playford at the Smithfield hotel, which has huge support from the community and the backing of the stall holders who in the most are Playford residents (local farmers, producers and small businesses).

Residents should ask, why getting passed the associated red tape, comes at such a high cost, can be knocked back at any time with out a right of appeal, and may take months or years to reach final approval.

Even with reasonable support from the council’s development planners, and the fact the location is more suitable than any of my others, the task remains onerous to say the least.

“A sad part of the markets problem is objections from the big business, something that ought not happen.  “Objections based on restricting trade, should not be a part of the process.”, even more so when events are rarely open for more than a few hours a week, Mark said

Previous attempts to open a weekly Market with the backing of the “Blakes crossing developers” had to be abandoned, in that case, simply because the council did not support a weekly event.

Who ever wins the mayoral election must stand up and change this, I will.

Like most councils, Playford preaches it is committed to a raft of initiatives, from healthy eating, sustainable practices, to job creation and the promotion of recreational activities, yet when an event that offers to meet the council’s directives at no cost to the rate payer, a red tape brick wall appears, where one should not exist.

My market could not even get an approval for a once of event, to show the council what we do.

Not all residents will use the new tennis courts, or the looming Ice Arena, but many will support local events, whether they are larger markets or smaller fetes, more so because of affordability and the great atmosphere they create.

I will work hard to see the council work closer with the community, to develop initiatives that work to encourage all sorts of community events. Regular events like my Markets, create local jobs, support our local farmers and producers, and provide a place to trial new business ideas at an affordable cost.

I would like to see a calendar full of all sorts of events for my community, from school fetes, music events, markets and boot sales, affordable places for every family to enjoy.







Written and authorised my Mark Aldridge of 201 Taylors rd Penfield Gardens SA 5121