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Afghanistan, heroin and Australia’s role

July 16, 2011

Does the Australian government support heroin production?


What really goes on in the world while its citizens are grassing in the paddocks, Australia is part of a coalition force serving for the long term in Afghanistan, and we are sold the fact they are there to defend democracy, and tackle the war on terror, so exactly what does that mean?


The question begs, does Afghanistan even want democracy? I had always thought the Muslim community were not all that supportive of democracy, let alone the blatant fact we here in Australia, could do with our own policing of democracy, considering the raft of recent attacks on our electoral performance here in our own country.


A few years ago, confidential information received through my in box, made it clear, heroin production in Afghanistan during the coalitions occupation had risen 500%, not that I am an expert, but I would have thought the exact opposite, considering huge fields of poppies would be an easy target for out allied troops.


“In 2001, poppy fields covered 7600ha and produced 185 tonnes of opium, last year they covered 131,000ha and produced 6900 tonnes” other reports “The International Narcotics Control Strategy Report said the area of land used to cultivate opium poppies reached 30,750 hectares, compared with 1,685 hectares in 2001”


The Taleban rely heavily on the huge profits of illicit drug production, so wiping out such crops would be a prime objective in my eyes, and the serious damage the drug does here in Australia alone, would benefit from the destruction of its production in any country.


Well it has now become worse, Australia this year has endured a huge rise in heroin use, and guess where it is coming from, you guessed it Afghanistan, when questioned on the Issue, our army seniors, made the statement “we need to support the suffering poor farmers” in relation to the poppy growers, with the excuse, if they destroyed their plantations, they may defect to the Talliban?


“The Australian Crime Commission and Australian Federal Police say Afghanistan is becoming the dominant source of heroin in this country, accounting for as much as two-thirds of the drug imports in recent years.”


We are not talking about wealthy poppy farmers by any means, and considering the cost to our global society, resulting from the war on such drugs, let alone the war on terror, could we not support the Afghan farmers find an alternate crop, of even throw them a little income stream, rather than turn a blind eye?


What this appears to be saying to the Australian public, is that our government have little if any interest in protecting our farmers, who produce our food stocks, but they will support farmers growing one of the worlds most dangerous illicit drugs, that funds terrorism on world wide basis, or have I missed the point?


This issue begs the question “where are the huge profits from the heroin trade really ending up?”


The BBC recently reported “Afghanistan retook its place as the world’s leading producer of heroin last year, after US-led forces overthrew the Taleban which had banned cultivation of opium poppies.”


I doubt the thousands of families torn apart by heroin addiction will sleep soundly in the knowledge our own troops are defending the production of such a devastating drug, let alone the hundreds of thousands of victims who suffer as a direct result of the addicts need for funding of such an expensive addiction.


“UN figures show over 10,000 people die every year from heroin use, in the EU alone”


While our troops turn a blind eye, back home we are spending millions trying to stem the tide of the illegal drug smuggling, so common sense is with out doubt of the agenda, so what is on the agenda is a question worth asking.


In conclusion it would appear, “oil is not the only product worth going to war over”


I wonder if our supposed leader “Julia Gillard” would like to answer this question, but then do we have a media source that dare ask it?


Mark M Aldridge


Proud supporter of the Alliance