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SA starts the revolution 25/10/15 starting with “Control legislation”

October 18, 2015




Then there are sections in all recent legislation that control aspects of your lives, most are written at the expense of justice (your right to judicial review)

As Parliament gets away with more and more they become brazen, and introduce more, now the laws they write are criminal in themselves, they are after powers they are not allowed to have, powers we ought never to let them have. It is now time to level up this injustice, because when parliament exceeds its powers, we are the only ones that can hold them to account.

“The latest controls laws are called exactly that “Control Laws” and apply to employment and business ownership, they have the capability to stop you working in your trade, restrict your choices and to close small business, with out lawful reason”.

They write laws that take away our rights as parents, that deny us justice, that determine guilt, that can label the innocent a criminal, that affect how we can use and enjoy our land, even laws that can take away an innocent persons farm or business.

They wish to be able to do anything they like to anyone they chose, and they sell the story that they will use these powers wisely, do you want to see parliament with powers that are above the law, do you want them to be judge, jury and executioner, or do you support our rights, the constitution, the separation of powers that protest us from parliament, from unjust laws or decisions?

This is a rights based debate, the parliament wish to take all your rights and become supreme over all laws and decisions, me, I want our rights protected, I wish to retain certain fundamental ideas, like the presumption of innocence, the right to a fair trial, to face ones accusers, to use my land as I wish, to teach my children and protect them in my own way, to choose my friends and whom I associate with, and to choose how to make an honest living, do you?

These new illegal (unconstitutional) laws already affect every one of us, but maybe so far none have been used against you, but they can be, any time parliament or the police so decide.

When you take justice and rights out of the equation, everyone suffers. So you are driving to work, police pull you over, tell you, your licence and registration has been cancelled, the fine is in the thousands, but you have done nothing wrong. Seems the last owner of your vehicle had an unpaid fine, or some other mistake has occurred, yet judicial review is now out of the occasion, and in the hands of the “Fines enforcement corporation”

To overcome this injustice you have to pay to apply to a pencil pusher, not be heard by the courts as was always the case, you lose from the moment you pay money to try and prove your innocence.

If you are taken to court over the issue, pay legal fees and prove your innocence, the police can simply drop the charges at the last minute, so you have no avenues to recover cost, again you lose, this trend is all about control, if they say you are guilty, even in the absence of a victim of proof to the contrary, it is easier to simply comply and pay up, this is control legislation.

You are an artist in the tattoo industry, you have never committed a crime, you receive a notice from the government that you are no longer allowed to work in the industry, if you do not immediately comply, you go to jail for 4 years.

This is control law, you cannot fight it, it can be applied to you, by way of secret evidence, so you will never know why, or it will be applied because of a relationship a relative has with another innocent person, because the government has labelled that person “a declared person”, so you lose your career or business.

So what can you do, if you sit back and comply with these control laws, they will continue to be expanded, to keep your job or business, you now will need to be concerned with everyone around you, your family, friends, and children, because if they befriend the wrong person, your life and your children’s and families can be destroyed.

This direction of legislative empowerment of the government is all about Power and divide, while they continue to take your rights to empower themselves, they will need divide you, your family and friends and control any individual, group or organisation any who dare expose them or stand against them.

This is not a new approach, history is full of dictators and oppressive governments who have used these very same tactics to divide and conquer, in every case they say “These laws are to protect you” and of course parliament would never lie to you.

If we don’t unite as a community and stand against these laws now, we are approaching a time with dissent itself will be legislated against, where standing up will risk incarceration, when that day comes and it is close, Australia will no longer be a democracy, if indeed we could even consider we are right now.

For them to win, for Parliament to become supreme over the people, not subservient to us, all it takes is for you to believe their spin, to turn a blind eye out of self-interest, and they are achieving that right now.

The government no longer fear we the people and they have had no fear of us for decades, until they once again fear us, we are no longer free, and to give up our freedoms is to condemn our children in ways you will never be able to imagine.

Right now, your unborn child will not be born free, free to choose their partners, their friends, and their career, they will be born with no rights, liberties and freedoms unless we fight for them now, remembering you only enjoyed rights and freedoms, because your forefathers fought for them.

We are at a turning point in our nation’s future, you, our government and our police have to all make a huge decision, which side are you on, the side of justice or oppression, chose wisely my friends. The decisions you make right now, will shape the future for every Australian.

It is time to make the government fear us, which means standing united in great numbers and reminding them we rule, and that we will not tolerate unjust and invalid law.

This Sunday the 25th October at Parliament house around lunch time (time to be determined) a day for all South Australians to lead the way back to liberty.


Mark Aldridge