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Do LDN actually deliver your pamphlets & flyers? NOT ALWAYS.

August 14, 2016




It was so important, as if I were to get over 4% of the vote, I was to receive federal funding, which would cover my election costs. I knew I could not win this seat in this election, but wanted to keep my name fresh for the state election.

My usual vote was between 4% and 17%, so when the media refused to publish anything with my name, I decided to get pamphlets into every letter box, to ensure people were reminded I was running, as I am reasonably well known and supported.

I found it odd that I received about 5 calls about my candidacy, but all were from one small area, as area a friend put out 250 of my how to votes, but none from the rest of the electorate where 20,000 were meant to be delivered.

I asked my 20,000 odd thousand supporters on FaceBook, if they had received my flyers, and not one had.

I will add a few thousand voted for me, yet none received my flyer/how to vote pamphlet.

Just after the election, I receive photos showing my pamphlets in a bin, seems all of them.


The photos show thousands of flyers, this is one of the photos, bundles were in 250. So I emailed LDN asking what has happened, in the bon were boxes and pamphlets in bundles of 250, so there are thousands there.

They refused to help, and offered a few hundred dollars, unless I could provide a location, I think I was lucky to have the photos, because with out them, I would have been offered nothing, and I am not taking a token payment, as if they had been delivered, in the balance of probabilities, I would have gained the extra 1000 votes I needed.

That means their mistake has cost me 10K, so are they delivering your pamphlets?

Paying for a company like Salmat to deliver our printing, is about aiming to make profit, not lose money.

It may be safer and more productive to use Australia Post of pay someone you trust, might be a little more expensive, but at least you know your flyers/pamphlets arrive.

Mark Aldridge



June 28, 2016



This week you have a chance to change politics, you can address political mediocrity, not necessarily based on a massive choice of inspirational candidates, but by sending a strong message that we the people demand our voices are heard.

Taking away the power of the two party systems, is the only way we can bring about political and social change.

Before globalization, Australia was leading the world, we had the best health care, topping the list with 17 beds per thousand in our hospitals, we led the world in innovation, research, small business flourished so did manufacturing, we made everything, exported it, and when you brought Aussie made, you know it would last.

We were a proud nation leading on the world stage; we were the envy of the world.

We exported more than we purchased, which created jobs, security, and our nation prospered, we were in deed the lucky country.

We now we have around 2 beds per thousand in our hospitals, we sold of our medical patents, we undermine innovation, Industry has been pushed of shore taking our job security with it, all in the name of globalisation and free trade.

Since we opened up our nation to globalization we have lost more than our rights, our self-determination, our sovereignty, we have lost our way and our way of life and our place as one of the best nations on earth.

Out of touch politicians with no idea how to recover are now selling the farm so to speak, selling our primary industries, farms and water to countries that would never let us buy theirs, they are now told what to do by people we never elected, again under this new global agenda.

Our supposed representatives lost sight of our long term future, coming up with short term answers to long term problems, increase our population by immigration, borrowing money to send of shore to help others. When that money ran out, they sold of our infrastructure, ports, and power production not to find money for us, to appease agreements made with others, again people we do not meet or get to elect.

This election, most of the candidates not only back this agenda, they want to increase immigration, increase foreign aid, borrow more money, make selling the farms even easier, and do that by further reducing our services, our health care, our education and undermining our sovereignty.

England voted to restore its democracy, just as we should, but as you will see those who wish to dictate our way of life, those that want to engineer our society will really step up, and I would say in doing so they will expose themselves and their agenda.

We do not need free trade, trade deals what allow others to buy our farms yet won’t sell us theirs, and we don’t need to compete with those on $10 a week, because we never had to, we don’t need to buy our vehicles from overseas, we used to build and export ours to them, and we can build them again.

Don’t fall for the bullshit that globalization is good, or the only way forward.

We have to demand change now, we still have the know-how, the factories and the infrastructure to rebuild, we still own some farms and infrastructure, we can pay of our debt and buy back the farm, but it will take hard work and sacrifice, the same hard work and sacrifice that built this country in the first place.

We can ensure that sacrifice is shared with the corporate sector, by demanding they pay their fair share of the tax burden, by the re-introduction of tariff protections, and by abolishing any trade deals that disadvantage us as a nation.

We need to limit immigration, fix our trade deficit, restore protectionism, cut back foreign aid and get our back yard in order, and the last thing we need is foreign body’s, and dodgy trade deals telling us how to run our nation, because it is what has destroyed all the hard work of our forefathers in the first place.

The government and their Media mates have you believing all of this rubbish is good for you, and that people like me, that speak the truth are nutbags, but in your heart you know the truth.

Like the English BREXIT vote, we can take back that which is rightfully ours, our rights, our liberties and our freedoms, and regain the label of the lucky country, and then we can use that position to help those in need.

Not by sending them money, but providing the services they need.

The two party political systems have been written by the two parties’ to empower the two parties, they are nothing to do with democracy, in fact they work against democracy, the concept of a free and informed choice, against our sovereignty and our ability to determine our nation’s future and protect its peoples best interests.

Every term in government we give these people, in every country, is leading us further away from recovery; their election means less social services, less real jobs, increased selling of our strategic assets, farms and water. The further these parties lead us in a downward spiral, the harder it will become to rebuild.

All we have to do is deny them our vote, deny imported produce our money, and deny the media the power to educate us.

Be the change you want to see in this world, not just how you vote, but how you spend, and what you share on social media, and more than anything else, how you treat your fellow people.

Mark Aldridge Independent candidate for Makin……. A difference!


February 27, 2012

The Ramsay by-election in South Australia, Labors safest seat, was contested by Labor, the greens and a hand full of minor parties and Independents working together to ensure Labor lost ground in their safest seat.

The LDP, entered the contest, not on the ground, no signs, no media just a “How to vote card” that resembled Liberals, and in the absence of a Liberal candidate, the obvious result occurred, with the LDP  polling well above the minor parties.

The Lead Independent was Mark Aldridge, a long time friend of the LDP at a federal level, polling at 17%, much to the disgust of the local South Australian voters, the LDP in South Australia, gave their preferences to the Labor party.

If the Liberal Democratic Party had put Labor last, it would have been a swift and well earned kick to the Labor party in SA.

It appears the LDP ignored the ideal of preferencing based on common policy directives, in favour of back room deals with Labor.

My advise to all voters is to be very careful where they cast their vote, as it appears policy has nothing to do with who this party prefer.



February 24, 2012


Ten years ago, Labor in SA won office on the deceit of Peter Lewis, Peter ran a strong campaign under the promise he was a Liberal independent, He denied any accusations he would support Labor, so his electorate trusted him with their precious votes.

Labor took office on the support of a liar, and governed South Australia based on a lie, just like the false promise of federal Labor during the last federal election; Labor in SA even gained Lewis’s support also based on a lie.

The 2006 election also exposed many issues where the truth and a fair go, played no part in the elections conduct.

Labor kept up their record during the 2010 State election, intercepting peoples mail, registering the opposition leaders name as a reply paid address, dressing up as another party, handing our dodgy how to vote information, and when caught out tried to argue in the supreme court, that we the people have no common law rights to even cast a vote.

Close scrutiny of the 2010 elections exposed dodgy practices across the board, and so did Labors rein, jobs for mates, false promise, failed legislation and legal battles, and they are still paying out for peoples silence and their poor performance.

Tens of thousands of missing names, ballot papers and a host of issues remain the legacy of their win, even though the premier Mr. Rann promised to full fill a full term as did Foley, again both walked away from their promises to this state and their electorates, as if honesty is not even an option.

The by-elections held to find their replacements suffered again in the silence, missing names, votes and dodgy practices, in one by-election a massive 30% of votes not even counted, leaders changing without any regard to the electorate in both state and federal politics.

Lie’s, deceit and dodgy practices are Labor’s legacy at both state and federal levels, while screams for new elections are ignored as if the people do not exist, and Labors lacklustre performance and disregard for what is best for the state or country, just as distasteful as their disdain for our democracy.

It would appear over the last decade, Labor rely on dodgy practices, back room deals and outright lies to hold office, doing deals with any, promising anything, selling out any, just to lead, or is it all about the ideal the title of honourable will cleanse their souls.

When your leaders can do this out in the open without fear of reprisal, democracy has failed and along with it all we cherish as a society, while our forefathers turn in their graves, and all we hold dear is being taken from us, it will be future generations that will look back upon the legacy we leave them in shame.

When society lie’s to you, deceives you and lets you and your children down, look around at our role models, our leaders, and they way in which we react to dodgy practices, for that is where the problems lay, as many people will still reward Labor with their vote.

Mark Aldridge

Community advocate

How LABOR won in the Ramsay by-election

February 12, 2012

How Labor won in Ramsay

Firstly they relied on media control of information, as all would know; there was no media coverage of Ramsay, even on most day time talk back shows and in the Advertiser, messenger press and TV, coverage did not exist or showed clear Labor bias.

The few articles covered only the Labor candidate and had the usual spin on them and in every case online comment were disabled. Emails, letters to the editor, on line comment, press releases and calls to talk back by dozens of supporters on a daily basis resulted in total silence.

Then they had to keep their candidate out of the spot light, while keeping the others busy, in the most I had to replace my corflute posters that were being stolen every second night, having to have 3 extra batches made up.

The Dodgy how to vote cards of the LDP, highlighting the word LIBERAL were designed to grab a few liberal supporters votes in the absence of a true Liberal candidate, even though the LDP did not compete further than their name on the ballot paper and the dodgy how to vote card in the polling booth cubicles. The LDP preferences went to Labor over the Independent.

In the mean time they flooded the electorate with letterbox flyers, personally addressed mail, phone calls, dodgy notes saying “I just missed you” designed to appear personally written, all akin to typical real-estate marketing.

Offers for free distribution of my flyers, seemed a nice favour, resulting in most of my mail out information going missing, all part of the dirty game.

The night before the election in came the bus loads of interstate Labor workers, they hit the polling booths hard, and had people sleeping over night with dogs to protect their massive coverage of the polling booths, and on the day of the election they had dozens of people in every polling booth.

Parts of these actions were to intimidate minor party workers and control polling booth coverage, with many of my supporters coping verbal abuse.

Massive reports of voters being turned away from polling booths, names missing of the electoral rolls and a host of other issues, have now become the norm during SA elections.

The continued use of a pencil to mark your ballot paper, and inappropriate conduct at the polling booths has also become the norm. Informal votes will account for over 10% of votes and continued disgust at our full preferential system makes it clear the changes to our electoral system I have been fighting for, for over a decade are necessary.

Even with all the structural biases of the electoral system and the dodgy conduct, Labor still had a swing against them, so ask yourselves what would have been the outcome of an honest process?


The Media Backed their every move which was obvious to everyone who tried to follow the campaign, so it is time for we the people, to work together to expose the truth, demand change and defend democracy.

See for the full outcome of the 2010 state election.


Mark Aldridge

Independent Candidate

Ramsay By-Election, the fight to be heard

February 5, 2012

Some advice for budding candidates

How the Ramsay By-election will be fought!

Years of experience in the political arena as one who won’t lay down, be brought or compromise my values, to be known as one who exposes the truth, corruption, deceit and dodgy practices has put me in a position to truly understand how our democratic system works.

So why do I dare put forward my candidacy against Labors safest seat in the state? The fact that the Liberals are so bloody useless to even put up a candidate, and with a well known name in the area, would it be me V Labor, hmmmm had to give that a try, there is no chance they could take me on with live debate, nor on their performance record, so why not?

The media over the past 12 years or more have never covered me as either a candidate or my exposes, exclusion of the occasional Today tonight episode, or the budding new journo/radio compare that has seen merit in what I have done or achieved.

In those few occasions over the years, the truth has slipped out the tightening of the belts ensures they dare not make that mistake again, with numerous writers sacked or moved on, and presenters warned in no uncertain manner, some phoning me after quitting, others still use my information with the proviso, my name is not included.

The only avenues left open to me, to either expose the truth or inform the people, and even to try and create debate diminished to; The courts, the internet, social networking, public rallies, power polls and letterboxes.

The courts have shut me down, not even the law can help me, proving an election dodgy with an outcome “Regardless of the conduct a general election cannot be invalidated” then offers of money for the file to go away, or proving a model of speed camera does not meet legislative requirements for use, yet walking away the loser, will certainly keep me away.

Holding the largest rally in years to assist the most vulnerable “Our disabled children” only to face the unique situation that no media were allowed to attend nor cover the event, as had become the norm, proved not even the most valid reason to stand in such a way, was worth pursuing.

The Internet remains open, even the hacking of my computer at the start date of my election campaign, and in fact all my websites, was only a 2 day silence, but having an entire by-election silenced by the media, and any online comment regarding it shut down, is impressive work on their behalf.

The threats by phone and email at the start of every candidacy I have pursued, have become the norm, and even my wife laughs at them now, and the legal attacks have stopped out of the shear fact, they have never won against me.

I flooded the power polls with signs, and they were torn down, and I expected that, so hit hard again, higher and bigger, again torn down, so again this time with information rather than the usual “Vote for me”, and with 5 days before the election, still have enough to replace many on a daily basis, but will it be enough?

Proof of whom did it and where the shredded remains lay, was of no interest even to SAPOL!

The letter boxes have been covered, yet it seems even that was worthy of people ready to un-stuff them for me, so my supporters and I hit the suburbs every night late to ensure the greatest chance of our message getting out.

Now the really hard part is in-front of me, the dodgy election process itself, the LDP are running to ensure Labor get over the line, not on the streets, not in the media, or the power polls, by way of the word Liberal in their name, with how to vote information that appears they are the Liberal choice, yet preferring Labor over me.

My distain for the electoral system is very well known, and my readiness to hold to account dodgy practices, just as highly regarded, so the new hat in the dodgy ring, is the trialling of a new computerised voter registration scheme, funnily enough in my by-election for the first time in the states history, so maybe even if I can get the majority of voter support, even that may not reward my hard work.

This is Democracy in South Australia; couple this with my exposes of the electoral system and election conduct which show over 10% of the vote can be fraudulent, amongst a huge list of other dodgy practices, and it is clear why people steer clear of taking on the mighty 2 party system.

Peoples names will be missing of the electoral roll, ballot papers will go missing, postal vote applications in their hundreds will turn up in Labors party offices rather than the electoral commission, with a side serve of misleading advertising and the usual false promises etc , all acceptable practices in today’s electoral process.

“It is not those whom cast the vote, but those who count the vote that decide” is a saying that goes back centuries, and is even more relevant today, or as I would say “Money buys power” yet even that is debatable.

The moral of this story?  There is always a bastard like me who will never give up, I will keep looking for the loop holes, learning their rules and finding away past, in the sincere hope, that when I do, I can pass on the key to help even more annoying honest people like me to improve the representation of the people, and restore democracy to this one fine country.

For those lazy candidates with aspirations of becoming a political representative, join the Labor party, do as you are told, and be rewarded with a safe seat, and be ready to turn a blind eye and take plenty of meds to help you sleep at night.

Mark Aldridge

The Liberal Democratic party attack democracy in the Ramsay by-election

February 5, 2012

Liberal Democrats back Labor into the seat of Ramsay

Christopher steele the leader of the Liberal democratic party is working to ensure the local independent Mark Aldridge has no chance in taking Labors safest seat in SA, that of Ramsay.

Christopher not only lives outside the electorate, he has no interest in the needs of the Ramsay constituents, he will erect no vote one posters, because his whole campaign is reliant on the fact that the Liberal party are not putting up a candidate, and by submitting “how to vote cards” that appear to be the Liberal party’s, will gain his party some votes.

The preferences of the LDP, are designed to flow through to the Labor party over the local Independent, based solely on the how to vote cards adorning the words Liberal in capitals, and produced in the Liberals colour of blue.

There will be no mention of the LDP’s policys, like that of supporting the sale of Australian land, assets, farms and manufacturing to overseas interests, or the legalisation of all drugs, or even dare debate in public various other aspects of the state LDP’s ideal of policy directives in the local electorate.

Their candidacy is all about ensuring Labor maintain their strong hold on the area, with rumours of a move to the Labor party itself for Mr. Steele.

Having met Christopher I doubt these rumours to be true, but then again, the tactics the LDP are using, go against my knowledge of the party’s ideals, so anything is possible.

Having dealt with the LDP’s national executive over many years, and having respect for their executive, it is hard to believe their South Australian state registered party would stray so far from their parties ideals, and there threats and abusive phone calls to my family home, came as a surprise.

The LDP how to vote cards should maintain their logo and colours, and the lack of vote one posters, seems to ensure any vote they receive, is based on deceiving Liberal party supporters, an outright attack on democracy.

I sincerely hope for the sake of my community, that Mr. Steeles attack on the democratic process, does not affect the Ramsay community’s ability to elect the best representative, to be the voice of their community.

Making matters worse is he has used the truth of his use of the Liberal part of his party’s name to secure well placed preferences from other candidates, without them knowing he prefers Labor to take the seat, if he can’t, a very sad day for the people of Ramsay.

I hope the people of Ramsay take the time to seek the truth, and vote based on the candidates in the order of their preference, not some dodgy back room deals and a repeat of the dodgy “how to vote” cards endured during the 2010 election.

Dodgy how to vote information, and deceitful back room deals have no place in our democratic process, something I have been fighting to abolish for many years, if the LDP were serious about representing the Ramsay electorate, they would be running on their ideals, not sitting back hoping to deceive honest people out of their vote.

I hope people remember this situation for years to come, just as they should remember Labors shocking attack on democracy in 2010, they do not deserve to use the name Liberal, or democratic in their name, let alone the chance of the title of honourable.


Mark Aldridge Independent

Ramsay By-Election some truths about the proccess

February 4, 2012

By Elections in SA…..Ramsay by-election information


After some 14 years now in the political arena, one would have thought I would have a firm grip on how elections are run, the pro’s and con’s, and at this stage of my life, be able to put up a capable campaign.

The first lesson I learnt back when the wife and ran as Independents for the Senate, is once in a good position to win, that is when a truth about the process becomes evident, junior journo’s making us aware that with such good preferences, we would receive no media whatsoever, our names being left of the ballot paper, and our vote on posters being torn down faster than we could put them up, part of the supposed democratic process in my state at least.

Over the next decade, the inadequacy’s of the electoral system, the structural biases of the electoral system due to the self interest of those writing the legislation and the media’s preference for the leaders of the two major parties ensured our nominations were more about a voice to help those in need, rather than any hope of being elected.

The Advertiser have the power still to make and break any candidates dreams in SA, and no longer by the publishing of detrimental articles but more so ensuing the silencing of their voices, even the major party candidates themselves, need do very little, as in the most it is all about their party’s leaders, further disenfranchising their electorates, and empowering the medias own agenda.

It becomes very evident when I travel outside my state and country, with people knowing who I am and having read my articles, which never occurs in my home state, speaking in Canberra recently on Democracy, more people in the audience knew of me, than I could ever hope to be the case in my home town.

So when I heard there was to be a by-election in my own community and the Liberals had chosen not to run a candidate, I couldn’t help but put my hand up, I am well known in the area, my family name is well known, and with my mother as the mayor, just this once I might get a fair go, and the decision would be that of an informed electorate, something I had dreamed about and had fought to see for many years.

I have the ground support I need, the ability to debate any candidate on their choice of topic, the ability to cover the area with information and vote one posters, and many friends in the political arena, also not running, so the support would be enough to create an informed electorate.

I well know dodgy practices of the Labor party and the electoral bias, would hand them around 10% of the vote, and that they would have massive resources to combat my every move, including the support of their powerful media machine, but just this once my name would at least rate a mention, and those I have helped over the years would be reminded and jump in to support me.

Well was I wrong, the Advertised journalists articles in the most, were Labor only, as if the election had already been won, the Labor candidate so far is just a face on a poster, and the information provided to the public by the media, had so much spin on it, my eyes had trouble reading them.

My posters were torn down the same night they went up, something I was ready for, putting up cheap cardboard ones and keeping the best till last, even finding and photographing the offenders, was of no use, the Labor party sent out thousands of postal vote applications addressed back to them, again something I was expecting, but not to such a huge degree.

I was at every local event, the Salisbury soap box, the candidate photo shoot, the ballot draw, the Northern Adelaide Investment launch with the premier,  to name only a few, yet Zoe Bettison the Labor candidate, simply nowhere to be seen, and in her absence, no media coverage of the events.

My many supporters did everything they could to help, radio talk back with Bob Francis and Leon Byner was not to cover the election, on line comment on media articles was not allowed or published, and the TV stations have ignored the election as if it wasn’t even happening.

We waited until this last week to hit the power poles with our vote one posters, and had them made up with slogans in their hundreds, so we have more to put up than they can pull down, and hundreds in the area, keeping an eye on them, not that the police had any interest in following up reports of their theft and destruction.

We have hand delivered thousands of information pamphlets, and will continue every night until the election date, we have left a little up our sleeve for the last week, as it is apparent their will be no media coverage, and we already know Labor will start with their false promises and vote buying starting this same week.

The LDP have put their hat in the ring, and are there to preference Labor, and they already have dodgy how to vote cards, that are in the Liberals colours with the word LIBERAL in large, to dupe a few uneducated Liberal voters, and have secured preferences from the minors using similar deceit, so as to ensure Labor win, leaving little old me to try and secure over 50% of the primary vote, in Labors safest seat, a very exciting thought.

Not even the Liberals themself dare speak up, on even that point, in fact they remain as silent as the Labor candidate on all matters to do with the election, and even the Labors letterbox pamphlets are full of misleading information, so the odds are truly stacked against me and my many supporters.

The Liberals promised to support me, Family First, D4D and the Democrats I have worked with and supported for many years, refuse to speak up, as they are well aware of the campaign against me, as if standing behind a mate is less important than wearing a dig at them by Labors media machine.

This insulting attack on democracy is one thing, but it proves to me and my many supporters how self interest is destroying any chance of our vote having any meaning, let alone the ability for we the people to use it to send a clear message to those who take it for granted.

The end result for me at the very least, is that there are even fewer budding candidates and political representatives that deserve to wear the title of honourable, meaning the future for my wife and I will be one of supporting only the electorate and the people in need, in the absence of political aspirants of any virtue.

No polls, no media, no talk back and no comments allowed, must mean we are doing very well, so I intent to up the ante for this last 6 days, my supporters and I will be everywhere, to ensure we bypass the media, we will use the truth to empower change, and ensure the people know they have an alternate and credible choice.

Should I ever again enter into an election race, I will be even more prepared in the future, the message out of all of this is a sad one indeed, there is no honest democracy within our electoral system, none in fact at any level, and genuine grass roots has all but lost its place where it deserves to be as the true voice of the people, or can we prove it has a place? We find out next Saturday.

Mark Aldridge “Independent for Ramsay”

The voice of the community

My article regarding the outcome of the 2010 election should be read with this note to provide an over view of our electoral process and providing even more reason to back me into parliament, as without our vote, we are left with…………………

Independent demands a “Boycott of Coles & Woolies”

February 1, 2012

Time we united to protect our farmers and producers!


While the big duopoly of Coles and Woolies fight it out for your custom, the consumer savings will be a very short term gain at the expense of our state and country’s long term pain, says Independent Candidate Mark Aldridge.

When we consider the best ideals for our long term future at any level, fresh produce should be our primary goal, and not just the survival of our farmers and producers, but for our long term food security, where we should encourage an increase in production.

“The fight being played out right now, is risking the demise of our farms and producers, something we simply Cannot risk under any circumstances” and in the absence of credible government intervention, the job of protecting our future has fallen into our laps, so we the people must stand up now and support our farmers and growers, regardless of the costs to our hip pocket.

This is about jobs, our precious food bowl security, and access to fresh produce over inferior imported products, it is about consumers demanding the best for themselves, their children and their state and country, and that means putting aside short term price reductions, by Boycotting both Coles and woollies produce sections now!

If the people of South Australia do not stand up now, we will lose even more of our farms and producers, and once the duopoly have control, the prices will rise, and we will all be paying more for substandard and in most cases poor quality imported goods, a price we cannot afford to pay in the long term.

There is no time left to pass the buck, or to take part in the blame game, it is time to stand united and protect our own best interests, starting today.

As the saying goes “The bitter taste of poor quality remains long after the benefits of low price are forgotten”

Mark Aldridge “Independent for Ramsay”

08 82847482 / 0403379500

Salisbury deserves 24hr Police station “Ramsay By-Election”

January 31, 2012


Independent calls for 24 hour police station in Salisbury


The City if Salisbury is one of the two largest cities in this state, and yet we do not even enjoy the security of a dedicated 24 hour police station, says Mark Aldridge Independent for Ramsay

Community safety is a primary concern for Ramsay electorate, I know I have been out knocking on doors, says Mark, how can over 130,000 residents not warrant a 24 hour police station, let alone the resources to bring the area into line with other areas of the state?

Recent surveys have the Salisbury residents on the top of the list when it comes to feeling un-safe in their own community, so not only do we need 24 access to Local services, I will also need to lobby for improved resources across the board, “We need to put the police back into the community” says Mark.

“I grew up in Parafield Gardens, in a day when as children we played in the community and were to be home when the street lights came on, we camped on the front lawn, and felt same walking the streets at night, I believe our children deserve to enjoy the same security”

“Crime and violence does not stop at 9.30”, when the Salisbury police station closes, many other issues face us as a community when it comes to police services includes the diversion of services to appease government revenue targets and the increased work load, with our police themselves mopping up other state shortfalls created by lack of funding to mental health services and the like, so there is a lot of work to be done.

“A safe City is in a much better position to attract future investment and development opportunities” Mark said.

A happy community starts in the home and the community, so feeling safe should be a primary concern, he concluded.


Mark Aldridge   Independent for Ramsay “Voice of the Community”

08 82847482 / 0403379500